Awesome weekend + MMMM?

I went to check the MMMM theme for the week but no post was up so i’ll write for a bit and then  see if anything has changed.

SO, good weekend. Actually, I was in a terribly crappy mood when I got home Friday and it was very difficult to turn it around. Ash had a friend over and no one was really hungry so I didn’t go to the store; I ended up just sitting on my butt, watching old wrestling matches. And truth be told, that did kind of help. Saturday was much better. We spent time finalizing the house/pool for Isaac’s very belated birthday party. It was a complete and total success, despite rain. The kids got about an hour in the pool until the rains came but then we moved inside and the kids had nerf wars and we played ping pong, ate cookie cake, etc. Once everyone left, we went to Sonny’s and then relaxed.

Actually, Ash and I watched True Lies, which I hadn’t seen in a while. I love that movie; classic Arnold. Also, he was really hot in the movie. Sorry/not sorry.5bb4dceeb6b4c5efb0bde7f0689fc3cb

SO, Sunday was mostly relaxing; errands, pool time, some beer, and movies. I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend and this Monday came way too damn quickly!


OK So the theme is crossover songs and though I can’t really think of one that is definite, I am going to go with Ghost. For reference, I am going to play a song of theirs from the past. Please don’t be offended by the Satanic tones; it’s all an act. But this was their bread and butter: dark tones, devil lyrics. But watch the first one then watch the second one. They went waaayy pop with it but damn if it ain’t catchy!

Con Clavi Con Dio:

And now, Dance Macabre off their new album. I cannot stop listening to this! Oh also, this video was from their instagram story wherein a bunch of rock stars and wrestlers, etc listen to it.

7 thoughts on “Awesome weekend + MMMM?

  1. I liked the movie True Lies just thought I would share that and some days we feel like we want to bit heads off and snap at everyone that is life and it is ok to feel like that at times

  2. Love the movie, True Lies. This past weekend was my bad weekend. I snapped at everyone and everything! I’m wound up about a test I have today and I’m afraid I took it out on everyone. At least we all survived.

  3. LOL! Arnold was hot in that movie, wasn’t he? Now I have the urge to watch it again – it’s been a very long time since I did. 😉

    Great song choices – thanks for the introduction! 🙂

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