Random Tuesday – better outlook, problematic workplace, sleeeepy

Stacy Uncorked


  • Last week, I was in a real rut. I could not bring myself to do work, to think, or really feel very much. I am sure you know these emotional peaks and valleys. It’s just the way it is. Mine was partly due to the kids’ ending school and their general outlook on things too. But this week is already better, thankfully.
  • I woke up feeling super rested, went to the bathroom, then realized that it was only 3 am. UGH. So when I woke up with the alarm at 6, I felt like trash. What a way to start the day!
  • I found a new youtuber to watch and aside from Candace Owens, it’s the first woman video maker I’ll watch who speaks about “taking the red pill”. It’s kind of nice to find someone who has similar views to mine.
  • On that note, when I discuss my own views with someone in the office, we typically talk in very hushed tones, knowing our ideologies are frowned upon in the current backwards society. Well, someone actually complained because they overheard (those nosy bitches). Thinking back, the only thing my friend and I discussed was some of the ways kids are being parented and how I took my boys out to shoot guns last weekend. People really need to let others be who they are. Damn thought police.
  • It’s just a reminder that I need to, at some point, stop working on a college campus.
  • Sorry for the downer thoughts but I am plagued by this stuff.
  • ::Clap clap:: let’s pick it up. We have zero plans this week and none for the weekend. This makes me ridiculously happy and I can’t explain why. Maybe I just need a break!

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – better outlook, problematic workplace, sleeeepy

  1. I’ve needed to kick back and have no plans. I have felt a little bit overloaded with life. I’d hoped after my big test to feel a little relief, but then discovered they did the wrong test on me! Ugh! Now more waiting for another test date.

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