Random… Friday – I can’t seem to post on time

  • I have secured Fleetwood Mac tickets! I cannot believe we have to buy SO far in advance. The show isn’t until February 2019! I’m super excited though and I’m going with my mom and sister. Also, it’s in the year we all turn a big #: 35, 40, and 70, respectively.
  • My husband and I had the most ridiculous argument (rare for us) Tuesday night about – of all things – donuts. See, he brought some home in this white paper bag. I saw it out on the counter and put them in a ziplock bag. And when he couldn’t find them, he was really mad. Granted, we were both feeling stressed because we chose to go out to dinner and the kids were, well, ungrateful brats. I hate that: choosing to do something nice and then being punished for it. But, such is life sometimes.
  • We’re thinking about joining a gym – again. We were once Gold’s Gym members but that was awful. They trapped us in a contract, charged too much and it was just bad. I mean, it was worth it at the time because we did lose weight but it was a bad experience. I don’t think this time would be that bad – cheaper, no contract, and we’ve been there/done that. Here’s hoping.
  • I am trying to set up our weekends for the next few weeks: hopefully going to the beach, my parents’ house, a friend’s house to shoot, and having Isaac’s belated birthday party, as long as the pool warms up.
  • I took Wednesday off (I talked about it in my Wednesday post) and it felt really good to just have a day to myself. Granted, I actually did work all day but it was well worth it.  I really needed that time!
  • I love when a song I have stuck in my head comes on the radio. The only reason this is like, a one in a million thing, is because the song I had stuck was “Isn’t it midnight” by Fleetwood Mac. A relatively unknown song. And it was on the limited time channel on XM. Crazy, right?
  • I’ve sat on this post long enough… PUBLISH!

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