MMMM + Rushed weekend

They say that time moves quickly when you keep busy and this weekend, we certainly were. Friday afternoon I left a bit early to go grocery shopping and then with the 30 or so minutes I had before everyone got home I did some cleaning. I made spaghetti while Ash went over some pool basics with a friend of his who knows more about the upkeep. His kids came with him so ours played with them. Ash’s brother’s flight was a late one – nearly midnight arrival time – so we napped briefly before he went to get him. They had to get up at 5 to leave for their race Saturday. While they ran, I took the boys to get hair cuts and then we drove the 45 mins to watch them finish. Ash didn’t get injured this year, which is a change! His brother won first overall.

We went out to eat after we’d gotten home and cleaned up and then we all napped, which was nice. Later that evening, we went to Ology, a local brewery we’d not been to before. Had a pretty good time before heading to a barcade and we were still home by 11. I didn’t feel terrible the next morning but I didn’t feel rested either. We eased into the day; watched a movie, drank coffee. Then by 11 we went to Outback for an early birthday celebration for Isaac.  Uncle Elliot had to leave soon after so we all did some yard work and after they took him to the airport, we finally had down time. Well, I had cleaning and laundry but it was nice to get back to just us. I love company but it’s nice when they leave too.

I did not want to go to work today, which is not like me. But I am in a holding pattern in terms of work. There’s stuff to do but not immediate deadlines. I am waiting on some people to email me back about things so I just… wait.

So anyway, let’s do music.

Since the theme is a little wonky today, I am going to share the last song I picked up.

One bad word – no stress. This is some new prog rock I discovered and it’s groovy.

3 thoughts on “MMMM + Rushed weekend

  1. You sure did have a busy weekend, didn’t you? 🙂 Are you getting all settled nicely into the new house? Glad that Ash didn’t get injured this year during the race! 🙂

    Thanks for the introduction – and the dance! 🙂

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