No ‘podge this week so a random post

Just a smattering of stuff.

  • Our front desk guy was fired this week so now things are a little more burdensome around the office; we’ll have to fill in and help out more. Too bad he didn’t work out but you do have to actually do the work you’re given.
  • Todd has finally warmed to the new house. In the first few days, we kept him in the laundry room because a.) hardwood floors and b.) any time he was out he’d run around like crazy and spin out or we’d lose him. Plus with all the doors being opened and closed for moving boxes, I didn’t feel comfortable. Last night I let him sleep in his bed in the living room and I could tell he was happy.
  • I too have acclimated to the house. It already felt comfortable; that’s how I knew it was the one. But it’s starting to feel like ours. As I get more things put away and organized, it feels more like a home. We did a lot last night to get the boxes still in the garage put away and organized.
  • We now live in our town’s first planned community. Everyone knows it. My parents recall when it was the “edge of town” in the early 70s. It’s on the north side and for a very long time, it was the last thing. It also seemed so very far from the college area. Indeed, it does feel like we’re living in another city, even though we moved a mere 4.7 miles away.
  • Since it used to have stables as a part of its amenities, there are these bridle paths that go all around. I plan to use them for running very soon. Some peoples’ take on them now is very negative, saying how they’re for power lines and city vehicles but hey, that’s just good use of land to me. I don’t mind having an easement behind my house, honestly. My neighbors are the right distance away now.
  • I keep thinking about all the unpacking I could be doing if I were not at work. Focusing is becoming difficult!
  • The one thing my house doesn’t have is towel bars. Did I mention this the other day? It’s weird. I mean, they probably took them out when they gutted and completely redid the interior in 2015. But now I have to do it and ugh, I dislike projects that include getting things straight and level and also, finding studs.
  • My weekend is going to be busy because Ash’s brother is coming for a race. He’ll be our first official houseguest so I had better clean!

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