Random Tuesday – Am I that old?, weird stuff, listing, etc…

Stacy Uncorked


  • In just about an hour, I am taking my oldest son to his middle school for a tour. MIDDLE SCHOOL! Scary to think we’re already at this phase. This year is so big: moving, new schools, a trip to Mexico, gaining a sister-in-law… it’s all so much!
  • Have you seen the Where’s Waldo game they have going on in Google maps? It’s pretty fun!
  • So, as you probably know, no house is PERFECT and they all have little oddities compared to where you previously lived. Here are a few of mine: No towel racks! Downstairs bathroom needs a standing one for a hand towel, our bathroom needs two because a hook on the back of the door ain’t gonna cut it. The kids’ room has one rack in the shower but nothing on the wall. There’s light switches everywhere! And some are redundant. The wall unit in the sun room makes no sense. We turn it off only to find it is still running. Our room has no ceiling fan; we’re rectifying that this week.
  • I mentioned a couple weeks ago how BAD I had gotten at making lists. I used to thrive on lists and honestly, phones make it so easy now. Everyone has some kind of note app. But I really need to get back to it because Lord knows we have THINGS TO DO. Here’s just a brief taste: return rugs to store, get rubber stoppers for behind doors, rearrange garage to make room for all other storage boxes, vacuum pool, pay daycare, send proof of residency docs to middle school, clean out vacuum. See? A LOT!
  • Turns out we can’t get DirecTV at this house so we went with Sling. So far it seems ok. Our Roku hasn’t arrived yet but we’re running it through the SHIELD device. Anyone use sling and have things to say about it?
  • Ending on a happy note, in my new house, in the late afternoon, the sun casts a cool ripple shadow on the ceiling in my room. And I love it!

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Am I that old?, weird stuff, listing, etc…

  1. It’s crazy how fast time flies and how fast kids grow up! Princess Nagger’s in high school this year! CRAZY! Little Dude has one more year of elementary before moving on to Middle School – I need to stop blinking!!

    Our new house has no towel racks, either! Crazy, isn’t it?? I bought some, but have yet to put them up. I guess I better get on that! 😉

    I’m the same way – I used to live by lists, but have gotten slack on writing lists to keep me organized. I need to get back to lists again. 🙂

    I signed up for Sling around the holidays so I could watch the Christmas movies on Hallmark. 🙂 Between Sling, Hulu, Netflix and CBS All Access, we don’t miss being ‘unplugged’ at all. And even with the monthly costs of all those, it’s still cheaper than cable or satellite! 🙂 Sling has a built in DVR mode, too, for an extra $5 a month – I have that option so I can record shows and movies I want to watch later, since we never watch live TV anymore.

    1. She’s in high school? How long have I been reading your blog?? 😉 Yeah the no towel rack thing is fixable but still weird. We like Sling so far and I enjoy finding things to do instead of just staring mindlessly.

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