Random Tuesday – Pain, likes and dislikes

Stacy Uncorked


  • I’ve been battling some major sciatic nerve issue since Thursday and I am so irritated by it. You know you have this muscle deep in your butt that connects side to side but if it gets inflamed, it can pinch the nerve. It sucks! I couldn’t even lay down to get relief; in fact, that was worse.
  • Doing only slightly better today with rest, heat, and essential oils. What’s funny is that every time I have some affliction, I forget I have all these oils then I use them and they work. It’s so dumb of me to forget!
  • Weather got weird again here – rainy, warmish, gross. Forecast says sun this afternoon but I’ll believe it when I see it.
  • I realize I am very boring today. So I shall share with you some things that I like and some things that I hate.
  • Like: these two wrestlers teaming up. Bobby is beautiful and Charlotte lights up when she sees him. It’s just heart-warming.tumblr_p5ko47D2rf1s05wxzo1_400
  • Hate: The Shape of Water. OMG that was bad. Whoo boy. Look, he’s a fish. She screwed a fish. It would be one thing if they had humanized him a little more. Del Toro also directed Hellboy, which has a VERY similar fishboy character named Abe who is  actually intelligent. He speaks and is very human-like. He would have made a better character. In this movie? That won the awards? She fucks a fish. I’m sorry but I think we’re just going too far now.
  • Like: Beer. OK OK, I always like beer but I’ve been really enjoying it. I guess because I’m stressed about all the house stuff so it helps me. I drank the last of my Li’l Napoleon the other day and I wish they’d ship that to Tallahassee. We also finished off the Old Elephant Foot. It hasn’t been back in stores but they also changed can designs so maybe soon.
  • Hate: That none of my fave bands are coming near me this year. Not Ghost, not Metallica, not Nightdemon. Not Volbeat, not any of the classics. Now, Ozzy will be in Jacksonville for a festival but those are a pain in the butt to attend. Too many people, outdoors, and just logistically a nightmare. So, sigh.
  • Like: that our favorite snow cone place will be opening this Saturday for the season! We know the owners personally and they close from October to March for a few reasons – they don’t make enough in winter, they have other things they’d like to do, etc – so I am just pumped for them. They make one called wedding cake and you can get it stuffed with this delectable chocolate ice cream. SO SO GOOD. This pic is John in their mobile unit.
  • 5179bbd9-ebb4-4d5d-8838-69e446204482
  • OK, I’m done for now. I have a bunch of students showing for conferences soon.

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