MMMM + Moving soon-ish

My boys are in the office today (stupid teacher work day) and I hate it because I get nothing done. Only short spurts when they can behave. And it’s sad they can’t be good because we’ve done this enough times. They should really know better.

The weekend was good. We got a lot done around the house in terms of moving closer to being out. We took down all the picture frames, the rock climbing hang board that was in our bedroom, and we took apart the swingset. This next week and weekend I will be putting away things we can do without for a week or so – clothes, etc. The buyer is having an inspection tomorrow – even though he has viewed the results of the first one – so after that I am hoping we have more concrete dates for everything.

It seems so weird to think we won’t be in this house for much longer. It will no longer be “ours”. And I am sure the new one won’t feel like ours for a little while. I wonder what the time frame is – two weeks? Three? I’ll just be a whole lot happier once we’re in and done with everything!


It’s a freebie week!

Just because it was the last song my son was singing:

And the song currently stuck in my head:

8 thoughts on “MMMM + Moving soon-ish

  1. I so understand the “Moving Blues”! I told my husband the last time we moved, which was 18 yrs. ago that I’m never moving again! I’ve moved more than my share in my life time & I hate it! One time we moved every year for 10 yrs. (it’s a long story & believe me you don’t want to know). It’s nice for a change sometimes especially when you have kids. They should have a change just to teach them this is the course of things sometimes & here’s what you have to do. Good luck in your new place. Also, I sure know how it is to have a song in your head… it drives me nuts sometimes… hahaha Loved your choice and have a calm week… how’s that? ~hehehe~

  2. I hope to experience a move in the not-so-distant future. We long outgrew this little house long ago. With nearly 39 years of stuff of what to carry forward or ditch in a move, then our job is going to be ginormous to say the least. I know this all exciting but you’re very ready for it to all be behind you to live normally again. Thanks for sharing the dance floor with the 4M gang. Have a pawsome week!

  3. I’ve been in this home for over 30 years, but I’m a senior citizen now and there are certain things about the house – like a steep staircase – that I know might limit the number of years my husband and I can stay here without major modifications. We are also in a flood zone (it wasn’t one when we moved here). We’d better start downsizing soon .

  4. Your first paragraph made me laugh out loud! That’s funny about your boys being home and not behaving…but hey, at least they were able to contribute to your Monday’s Music Moves Me post! That “Be Like Mike” commercial was cute. I’m sure your guy singing it had to make you smile??…

    And I didn’t know your second song: WASP’s “Into the Fire” but I like it a lot! Ironically, in my Battle of the Bands post, I featured the song called “Jump Into the Fire”. Here’s a link if you want to check it out:

    WASP’s song is still playing in my headphones and I am really digging on this! Thank you for presenting it!

    Have a good rest of the week,

    Michele at Angels Bark

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