Random Tuesday – Rough patches

Stacy Uncorked


  • The last, what, 3 or 4 weeks, I have begun a post for Tuesday and not even finished it. THAT is how busy my work life has been.
  • As if that wasn’t enough, everything in terms of our buying and selling has also been crazy. I won’t rehash it here but yesterday’s post does have the details. Ash is really nervous because the guy who put in the offer is asking a million questions. I get it, since he’s going to rent it out, but it’s really stressful. Please  say a prayer if that’s your thing.
  • I’m starting to feel the way I usually do when things become overwhelming – I want to hide, sleep, buy stuff, escape. And there’s nothing I can do right now except hope this guy is going to abide by his initial offer to buy “AS IS” and won’t d-bag us too much. This home buying/selling game is for the birds, I tell you.
  • Oh, and on top of that, Dakota started running a fever yesterday afternoon so here we are at home. She seems to feel ok but the fever is fighting something; probably just a little virus. But come on; why now? I know it sounds all “woe is me” but I kind of wish I had more to do – work is slow and I’m home but if I had a lot of work to sink myself into, I’d be a lot less on edge about everything.
  • Sorry for all the complaining; I’m just feeling pretty down about it all – even though I am in the right mood to stay positive. Not sure if that makes any sense but there ya go. I think I might force myself to clean out the fridge today and also, go for a run.
  • On a positive note though, it is Spring Break. And all that really means is that I don’t have to teach. But work is slower and the boys are less stressed since they are at camp. Too bad it isn’t warmer. It’s about 40 and sunny and I really wanted to sit in the sun but alas, not yet! Spring is not really here… yet.
  • Anywho, I am going to muster the desire to accomplish things and hope for the best.Wish me luck!

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