Random Tuesday – I’m a bit ranty today; you’ve been warned.

Stacy Uncorked


  • I don’t know if it’s added stress or the quick run I did Saturday but my neck is achey and, well, crunchy. You know something is wrong if you roll your neck and it creaks and cracks all around.
  • I’m meeting a pest control guy at 11 because all of a sudden, we have ants in our house. We have never had pests of any sort – not roaches or ants or anything. And this is kind of a miracle for Florida. But it is really bothering me. Especially because we’re trying to move soon.
  • We did a bit of Christmas shopping last night – I went with Isaac and Ash took the other two. I forgot how nice it is to just be with one of my children. It’s so much less stressful!
  • I was chatting with an internet friend of mine from London yesterday and she said she has never had egg nog. Is that an American creation? Why did I think it was more worldly than that? Either way, that stuff is tasty!
  • I just deleted a bullet point. It was about something I did, politically, but as I posted it here, then to Twitter (and erased) then to tumblr (and erased) I realized that in today’s climate, I cannot even tell anyone how I feel. And I really am disturbed by that.
  • Well, the pest control meeting was a big fat waste of my time. Ash and I both went home to meet him for our 11 am appointment and he still wasn’t there at 20 after. I called and canceled and the woman was like, ‘oh I can contact him to see where he is’ and you know what I said? I said, ‘No thanks; twenty minutes late is insane and I’m going elsewhere.’ I was nice about it but come on. I am tired of our life like this. You want my business? Well you can’t expect me to spend my lunch break waiting on you. Lots of other businesses out there so eff off, Massey.
  • I tell you what, it feels good to be a little cutthroat. We are all so cowed by companies. Think about it: we all know the Comcast trope. They give you a 4 HOUR WINDOW in which they MIGHT arrive. And we all just wait. Oh hell no. If you can choose a competitor, do it. The free market – make it work for you.
  • OK, if I do another bullet, I will probably piss you all off and you know, that’s not fair for your day. Peace out, peeps.

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