Wednesday Hodgepodge – Finally blogging this week!

1. Can you believe we’re rolling in to the Labor Day weekend? What’s a project you’ll labor over this fall?

Well, I’m not toiling over it right now but we have painters in our house all week, fixing up the kitchen and various other walls, doorjambs, etc. Soon as that is done, we’ll get back to what we’ve been doing which is packing and slowly moving stuff to the storage area. Because soon, this house will be on the market!

2. Tell us about the best perks you ever had in a job?

I always feel like an ass talking about my benefits but the biggest perk of working here – for the state – is the amazing health care. Granted, it’s probably going to change in 2018 but since I have worked here, it’s been SUPER cheap per month and provides really great co-pays for things like the ER, childbirth, etc. I am so very thankful for it.

3. August 31st is National South Carolina Day. Have you ever been to SC? Any desire to go? According to Southern Living, these are the top ten things to do in South Carolina…

Explore Charleston, bike, golf or relax on Hilton Head Island, see the beach and the boardwalk at Myrtle Beach, visit the state museum in the capital city Columbia, observe the wildlife and natural beauty of the Ace Basin, take a walk or hop on a trolley and check out Greenville’s charming main street, visit Fort Sumter where the Civil War began, stroll through Pearl Fryar’s Topiary Garden in Bishopville leaving time to check out The Button Museum, also in Bishopville, see Morgan Island (also known as Monkey Island)-home to nearly 4000 Rhesus monkeys. 

Which is most appealing to you today? If you’re a SC native, resident, or frequent visitor what would you add to the list?

I have driven through it multiple times and I definitely would because I love southern states.

If I had to pick one thing to do on that list, I’d go with any of the ones including cute historic downtown areas.

4. Beef, pork, country-style, barbecued, baby back, spare or short…your favorite kind of rib? What’s a dish you enjoy that really ‘sticks to your ribs‘?

Ooh, country-style because that is what my mom made a lot when I was a kid. A meal like that for me is when we make steak, mashed potatoes, corn, and bread. SO heavy.

5. What’s one important skill you think every person should have? Why?

I keep thinking of moral values instead of skills. Ugh! I guess I agree with our host: learn how to budget. I think high schools need to spend less time on trash and more time on real life skills. I also don’t think everyone needs to go to college so if kids learned how to “adult” in h.s., then they could leave it and go off and be productive adults a whole lot easier.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Though I don’t know if this will ever come to fruition – or if anyone would read it – but I’m thinking about writing a book about how I came to the decision to change my political party affiliation and then ruminate on how that came about, why the world isn’t a two party place anymore, and other things like that. Maybe I just need to write it all out for myself; I don’t know. But if it turned out ok, I could maybe publish it.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge – Finally blogging this week!

  1. Great answers; you are so right about the skill of learning “to adult”. We have a lot of adults around who haven’t learned that one yet.

  2. Are you moving cities or just homes? Good luck with getting the house ready to go and with the eventual sale. Great healthcare benefits are definitely a wonderful perk of any job! Have a nice weekend!

  3. My husband is doing the painting here and it takes a long time since he works full time. I agree, country style ribs are the best, so much meat on them! Yes moral values are definitely needed these days. Good luck with your book, sounds very interesting.

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