mmmm + solid weekend

I’m not gonna lie: my weekend was pretty good.  Friday evening, the kids rediscovered the trampoline (I think because of endless rain and vacation they were off it for a while) and then we watched this old Sly Stallone movie called Over the Top. Let me tell you, there’s some seriously underrated 80s movies and this one was no exception. I recommend it.

On Saturday we had our normal big breakfast then everyone got to work cleaning. Oh, for one 12 hour span our home was clean. But I felt really nice to get all that done. I’m pretty sure it rained all afternoon so we watched episodes of The Middle and just relaxed.

On Sunday, we worked out, cleaned, and for lunch, went to Outback. Lots of people but we got there kind of early. Happy Father’s Day, indeed! The day was nice, even though I wasn’t in a very good mood. We blew up the pool and relaxed and I managed to get all my school work done and was able to watch the wrestling ppv that night. All in all, a really nice weekend.



“Summer is a time for vacationing, so how about songs that have locations in their titles!

Ooh, I like this one! Like our host, I’ll pick a Jimmy Buffett song:

and how about… some Billy Joel


7 thoughts on “mmmm + solid weekend

  1. I don’t know why you weren’t in a good mood with a weekend like that. I love Jimmy Buffet. He makes me want to take a vacation. I guess I should clean my house, since it’s kinda gross, right now.

  2. Great selections! I thought about adding New York, New York to mine, but I made a conscious effort to limit myself this week. I always tend to get carried away with the themes.

  3. Whoa, we’re on the same wave length at least… Jimmy Buffet really got around this Monday didn’t he? So many posted him. Also, Billy Joel one of the greats!!! His talent is just beyond. Pianist and his voice shifts just when he needs it! Totally awesome!!! What an entertainer!!! You’ve really rocked the house this evening for sure! So sorry I’m late, but I’m finally caught up now since I was in the hospital my email was stuffed to the gills. WHEW!!!! Thanks for joining us my friend! You’ve really entertained us this week for sure! Big Hugs!

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