Random Tuesday – The June of my discontent

Stacy Uncorked
    • Rain. Grey skies. Day after day of this gets me depressed. And on top of that, I made a friend of mine pretty upset, rather unknowingly, and I am kind of distraught about it. She and I hashed it out over text but let me tell you, I learned a big lesson. I carefully craft my life to avoid confrontation and to NOT be the friend who creates the drama. I want to be the friend that people tell about their friends’ drama!
    • But I guess we all go through these things when we let people in. If you get close and really know peoples’ lives, this is bound to happen. Of course, when children and their big mouths are involved, that’s an additional risk.
    •  ANYway, I have vowed to move on. My friend did. She said she accepted my apology and we agreed to bury it. I just need to work on forgetting it and learning from it.
    • Last night, Ash and I broke out the beer brewing kit I got him for Christmas. He’s been doing research for weeks and was finally ready. It took us a little over four hours but we got the batch done and it is fermenting. I think it went well; we didn’t really mess up much but a lot of it is based on maintaining a temperature, and that’s not easy on a stove. It’s always a little varying. But in two weeks time, we’ll know how it turned out!
    • I have wanted to brew my own for a long time – ever since we visited my friend in Nashville and saw her husband’s set up. He made us believe it was easy. And with the right tools, I guess it is.
    • OK, time for Tuesday chat

“Shameful!!! Come on, fess up! We all have a book, movie, or song… maybe even crush that we are a bit ashamed to say we love! I’m listening.”

Oh you guys, let me take you through some of these, even though I daresay, I’m not TOO ashamed. My “crushes” are usually wrestlers (these days.) As you know if you read my blog, Jeff Hardy slays me:


And Roman Reigns and his thicc ass too:


Oh, and Seth Rollins:


And I guess the only shameful/weird one (and it’s not that weird because remember Darth Maul from the 1998 Star Wars? Yeah, I was a HUGE fan and that’s why this next one makes sense) is Papa Emeritus from the band Ghost. Under the creepy pope get-up, he’s an awkward lanky Swede. In costume, he’s sexy and evil.


I’m crushin’ on this band so hard right now. Seriously, listen to Cirice. Such a good song.

There you have it; I’ve bared my soul to you all today. Happy Tuesday indeed.

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – The June of my discontent

  1. We have had a lot of rain lately but today it is nice and fine and the clothes should dry on the line, Tim loves wrestling not me though, I remember when my dad used to brew his own beer

  2. Oh hello Roman with that sexy mean glare… Le Sigh!!! 🙂
    I have always wanted to make our own wine, but we just don’t have the space needed – but I think it would be so cool to try.

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