Friday Five – What I’m up to

  1. I am so glad it is Friday! Yes, I know I just had a vacation but it is sometimes very difficult to get back to it. And I am overwhelmed at work. However, this weekend we have zero plans. If you don’t count whatever Ash chooses for Father’s Day, we’re free and clear and I am going to drink beer and sit in the sun.
  2. I really fired up the zone by posting this article about how one of the British colleges wants to ban the use of words like “genius” and “brilliant” because they’re apparently alienating to women. Which is bullshit of course. You can no more change the fact that you’re not a genius any more than you can become taller and play basketball. These are adjectives; they are not gendered. Plenty of men aren’t brilliant either; are they offended? No. It’s just feminist propaganda. I knew what I was getting into; half the people on my fb feed were mad, I’m sure. And I take great pleasure in showing them a realistic viewpoint.
  3. So if you read my earlier blogs this week, I talked about how we cannot solidify our Christmas plans. Well, we kind of have a plan now. Thinking about Stone Mountain, GA. We’ll all have separate hotel rooms and I guess it’ll be our Christmas trip. I don’t know if we’ll have a traditional Christmas day gift exchange or if this will be it. But at least we have a general plan and I am excited for it, even though I wanted to go to the beach.
  4. Have you ever had kombucha? I know it’s been around a while but someone I talked to daily and I trust has been drinking it and swears she feels better. So I gave it a try and I do – I do feel healthier when I drink it. It’s not the tastiest thing but it grew on me. (Literally; lol.)
  5. I really need a pedicure but I also have some up in the air job stuff at the moment so I’d feel really guilty if I spent money on it. It’s nothing too serious but it’s still some unknowns coming my way for the next 8 weeks. So… wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Friday Five – What I’m up to

  1. What idiot would think the words genius and brilliant would be offensive to women its like saying the word penis is offensive to women because they don’t have one, just plain stupid

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