Random Tuesday – Livin’ fast in this strange world

Stacy Uncorked
    • What a morning. Hell, what a weird couple of days. Yesterday was just full of irritating things and people and then it got more annoying after work. Both boys had baseball so I left with Elliot then on my way Ash calls me, seething that Isaac can’t find his hat and glove. I get it; I get mad when the kids misplace important stuff too. He did exactly what I do: start looking and get all pissed off about the extraneous crap in the house. Yeah, we have a lot of it. Anyway, I got all the way to the fields and Elliot’s game was delayed an hour. Ash got Isaac to his field – a little late after they found the lost items – and it was canceled. LOL. The four of us ended up going for beer and pizza and Ell stayed with his team until his game began. In the end, it worked out but man, if that ain’t the picture of family life these days, I don’t know what is.
    • Oh, so check this out. On Saturday, something happened to me that probably has only happened between 5 and 10 times my entire life: someone actually hit on me. Sure, I’ve had people flirt with me but to be actually be straight up hit on… nah. We were at a gas station and the, I’d say, mid-forties black man in a nice car and polo shirt at the air pump got in said car and as he drove past me he said, “Excuse me, I just want to compliment you on your good looks.” Then he drove away. I was thinking he was either going to tell me something was wrong with my car or ask for something after he said excuse me. It was both flattering and scary, as that kind of thing makes me extremely self-conscious. I’m 38 years old and will I ever learn to accept compliments?
    • It’s rainy today and that makes me want to just lay down. I mean, I would love to be in bed, under the blankets, just watching TV. You know, I don’t really watch that much. All these people come into my office and mention ALL the series they’re watching and I tell them I watch about 5 hours of wrestling a week then whatever Sunday night HGTV viewing is. (OK I know exactly what it is: beachfront bargains.) I just don’t know how people make the time.
    • OK Tuesday Chat time!


“What song reflects your mood right now?

Well, two of them came to mind:

The first one is a Kenny Chesney song and I think I shared this a couple weeks ago on Music Monday. For some reason, I keep waking up singing it. Yes, I am living in fast forward these days. I mean, none of the rest of the song relates to me but the fast part? Heck yeah. The upbeat nature though really gets me through some mornings at work.

The other one is a Fleetwood Mac song that I, a self-proclaimed fan, hadn’t heard until maybe a year ago. Strange Times has a haunting feeling and an interesting message. Basically, it’s about feeling lost in this weird world. Most days if I listen to the news at all, I feel this way.

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Livin’ fast in this strange world

  1. Yeah when some usually Tim can’t find things he complains about the amount of stuff we have in the house but all people generally have a lot of stuff, ok I say stuff he says crap and shit or junk which just pisses me off…………………….

    Had an early morning storm here and it was nice

  2. Lucky you though — I just get winked at by old men in the grocery store or they ask me to help them find items on their list. HA! I’d take a fly by comment at this point. 🙂
    I only watch a few TV series now too. I gave up on most of the stuff on TV at night – I find other stuff much better writing and I often have to go search for it because it’s not on normal channels. A lot of British period drama —- I’m hooked on one called Ripper Street right now and thankfully it’s on Netflix.
    LOVE Fleetwood Mac!! Grew up on their sound. ❤

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