MMMM + My weekend was pretty nice

As I was walking past the Dunkin’ on the way to my office, I realized that my weekend actually did seem long enough. For one, my boss let us go early Friday – like 1:30. I went home and cleaned a little and then I sat out in the sun. My parents were en route – staying at my house for the night – so what ended up happening was Ash coming home, us picking up 2/3 of our kids, then meeting my parents at Proof for some beer. I like how kid-friendly it is there: games for them and a safe setting. Since it’s summer, there was hardly anyone there. Not because it was hot but because most students are gone. Anyway, we had a few brews then headed home and I went back to get Isaac from his field trip a bit later.

We made some amazing burgers that evening and had an overall enjoyable night. The next morning, we made breakfast and they left. They sold their Orlando house so they had to go down and take care of some final things. Once they were gone, I ran some errands and then we had lunch and naps and well, that’s about it. We really relaxed this weekend.

Sunday began overcast so I did laundry and errands. Again, we didn’t do too much. I worked out and cleaned and made lunch and a nice dinner – corn on the cob and grilled chicken, which everyone loved. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as when all members of my family love a meal I make. We went to McDonald’s for ice cream after (hey, it’s cheap) and then there was a wrestling pay-per-view. That’s about all we did that weekend! Also, the above sentence is a nice transition into my music. Since it is a freebie…

… I’m picking wrestlers with bands!

I’ve not been a huge Fozzy fan – Chris Jericho’s band – but this new song is pretty darn good.

Jeff Hardy has had a few bands over the years but this one is just his name now and this song is great. I found that most of his albums are very listenable, actually.

Oh, if you need a face paint explanation, it’s part of his character. After he left WWE, he became the “Charismatic enigma” and his face paint was part of his whole gimmick.

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