MMMM + Trying not to be angry but it IS Monday

My day began with phone calls I had to make – not fun phone calls. I had to let parking services know that the arm on my parking lot wouldn’t open. i.e. the card reader thingy is busted. Then I had to reply to the city about the water fountain. There’s a nice water fountain along my running route that keeps breaking. They have fixed it in the past but the last time when I reported it through their handy dandy app, they said they had to turn it off while doing road work. Well, it’s been off indefinitely.  Instead of explaining themselves, the city told me to run past one of their other fountains. Oh buddy, I don’t think so. ESPECIALLY because there’s this nice city sign next to said fountain that extols the benefits of staying hydrated. Yeah, bullshit when the fountain DOESN’T WORK!

THEN, LG sent Elliot’s watch back AGAIN and it still doesn’t connect to our phones. This is the FOURTH time I have had to send it to be repaired. And the kicker is that the first time, it DID connect but there was a stuck button that made it keep restarting. SO it came back to me with a new issue. I am just about fed up; I’ve been without a way to contact my child since MARCH 14TH. Can you believe that? I’m pulling Lemon Law on them this time and they had better not fight me or else BBB is gonna hear from me.

Anyway, sorry to complain so much but this is just ongoing irritation that I don’t need. Especially because there’s actually a lot of good stuff right now. For one, we had a fabulous weekend of nothing. Weather was nice so we played outside a lot. Kids jumped on the trampoline and we did the bubble machine and rocket copters.  I feel like we actually relaxed. I made sure to because I know that something always comes up and sure enough, we have plans next weekend for a barbecue with friends.

The other nice thing is that the university is done for now. There’s a week off until the first summer session, which hardly anyone does. So there’s less traffic and restaurants are basically empty. I love this time of year in Tallahassee!

Anyway, let’s do MMMM.


OK so artists born on May 8th? I found a couple.

First, Robert Johnson, the jazz musician who reportedly sold his soul to the devil to achieve success.  It was at the crossroads where he met said devil:

The other one I found was Alex Van Halen, drummer and founding member of Van Halen. I chose this song because the drum is prominent.

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Trying not to be angry but it IS Monday

  1. UGH… I hate when the post posts before I’m ready!
    take two…

    Hot for Teacher – I almost went with that one, but there were so many others to choose from that I let it slip through my fingers, much like my first comment! ha!

    Loved your selections for today. Looking forward to next week 🙂


  2. I do not think I have ever heard the first one but certainly the second. Great postings.
    I hope things get fixed soon and stop driving you nutty.

  3. Both are fabulous! The first one I admit I played twice because I’m really kinda into jazz, but you really had one heck of a weekend didn’t you? I hate when I bring things into be fixed and they’re worse off when I get them back. What a bummer! Well I hope you have a better week then your weekend! hugs…

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