Random Tuesday- plank, May, later on…

Stacy Uncorked
  • I think I’m going to try one of those 28 day plank challenges. I can already do a one minute plank but since I have time in my office right now, I’ll start where it says (20 seconds), three or four times a day. I think I can do this, y’all.
  • May is such a weird month. Florida can be mild or warm already and we’ve had some hot days. But even when it starts to feel like summer, kids still have one entire month of school left. It isn’t truly summer until I’m dropping them off at camp every day, a packed lunch and a water bottle in tow, and picking them up sweaty and tired out.
  • If you have kids (or grands) do you know about these spinners? They’re technically fidgets, which is the new term for a toy that ADHD kids are allowed to play with in school. Or, if you have a kid like mine who isn’t diagnosed but has to have something to do with his hands once he’d whizzed through assignments, it’s the thing teachers are ok with. My oldest’s first grade teacher pinpointed this right away and gave him a tangle toy. But now every kid has a spinner.
  • I went ahead and ordered two and promised my boys if they made their AR goals, they’d get them. Both are almost there – with an entire month to go! Kind of nice not to have to worry about that anymore.
  • Just a reminder – in one month and 10 days. I am seeing one of my favorite bands, Iron Maiden. I am so pumped, I can’t even describe it. Also, can’t wait to see Bruce!9f452136747e97030a1814892ead7f24.jpg

OK, time for Tuesday Chat!


Finish the sentence:
If I could go anywhere today….


I’d probably go to Disney World. Maybe just EPCOT.


It’s been a while. We used to go often but my husband is not a fan of the crowds, the heat, the rides. I grew up going so it has a special place in my heart. Here I am with my mom in front of Universe of Energy, 1984.


We took the boys a few years ago and man did they love it. but like most kids, they now want to go to places with bigger roller coastery type rides.

This was an excellent trip (below) because Isaac was super into the characters.


The thing is, IF I could go there today, I’d kinda like to go with either my mom or sister, or both. And if it were Flower and Garden or Food and Wine, even better. 😉

6 thoughts on “Random Tuesday- plank, May, later on…

  1. I did an ab challenge during March and got up to a minute and a half twice a day. I really need to do it again. Once the back is cooperating again… Good luck with your challenge, the build up is a nice way to do it.
    If I could go anywhere? I want a beach. A nice sunny beach with lovely drinks and sand and fun for the family. Then after relaxing on that beach, off to Disney. We have one little boy who needs to go discover the Mouse and all his friends. Maybe next summer.

  2. Sweet memories of places we’ve gone before are truly the best! How fun it would be if we could press “rewind” for just one day now and then.

  3. If your school year is like ours (running from the first or second week in August to Memorial Day), they’re going back to school when there’s still a month of summer, too.

  4. I attempted to plank and I failed, at the moment I am not exercising till after the cruise to give my hip time to heal, it feels strange I like exercising.

  5. Those spinners are all the rage at my kids school too. My daughter’s one friend does quite the tricks with them too. And for some reason yo-yos are really big right now too.
    I’d love to go to Disney!!! I went to Epcot back in the 80s as well. What a great memory that trip was. My kids would definitely love to go and hopefully we get there before they are too old to enjoy it. Although, how can you EVER be too old for Disney?? rubbish.

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