MMMM + Feelin’ the burn

Yup, I got sunburned yesterday. It’s not like I didn’t apply sunscreen. I just always manage to burn once every summer. But then I will have a nice tan. Luckily, my kids did not burn. Nor did my face. But anyway, our beach day was excellent. Started off pretty cloudy but then those cleared away and we enjoyed a nice yet sunny day at Bald Point.

Backtracking, Ash and I had our half day and decided to go to Texas Roadhouse where I had a very yummy steak salad. We wanted to see the new Fast and Furious but it didn’t start until 2:30 so we went home to wait but ended up taking a nap. I took Elliot to his game that night and man was it long. We were there from 7 until 9:30 and I was exhausted.

Saturday we had zero plans so I utilized my free time to clean bathrooms and tidy up while Ash and the kids ripped out dead foliage in our front planter. I ran 2 miles and immediately mowed my back yard, though my back is killing me so I probably should not have done that. But the Sonny’s and beer made it all better.  Now, my plan for the rest of the day was: nap, errands, dinner, sleep. BUT, my friend Courtney asked if I was free for a 7:45 dinner at Table 23.  I hadn’t been since it was something else (Front Porch, then Chez Pierre before that) and it is much better now. It’s more southern type food and much cheaper! Chez Pierre was gonna cost you 100 bucks no matter what. Anyway, I split an okra appetizer with someone and then just got a cup of gumbo and man was it good!

As I said, we went to the beach Sunday and once we were done, we stopped to eat at Mad Anthony’s and it was also tasty. Ash didn’t much care for his burger but he wasn’t that hungry anyway. It was cool in their tiki bar atmosphere with a breeze and I’d definitely go back. So the takeaway from my weekend is that I got to do some fun things that I referenced in my post from last Wednesday when I was feeling this intense need to get out and do other things, eat new places. Just something outside the norm. I have to say, I’m pretty happy. Even though I woke up today with cramps, this sunburn, and insane allergies. Happy Monday indeed. /sarcasm.


It’s basically freebie week so I am sharing a song from a band I just recently discovered. They’re not amazing but they are pretty decent. I am also sharing an old Kenny Chesney song because whenever summer creeps in, I have to listen to his music.

4 thoughts on “MMMM + Feelin’ the burn

  1. oh well, check you out… a little bit country and a little bit rock & roll. Great choices my friend. Have a wonderful Spring week. Thanks for sharing!

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