I don’t know what’s going on with the moon but it ain’t good

Tuesday was the full moon and if I hadn’t known but someone mentioned it to me, my answer would have been, “no shit!” Because Lord knows that things have been completely out of whack the last few days. Injuries aside, my kids are acting all weird and mad and no one is feeling quite like themselves.

You know when you can feel the “ick” creeping in? It’s the feeling of being lost, or of wanting to get lost to escape the stress of everything you have to do. OK, maybe it’s just me but when I get overwhelmed, I want to run away – hide in a room all by myself. But, truth be told, I’d be bored and start obsessing over everything I have to get done. And that’s no good.


Today, I’m grabbing the bull by the horns. I am getting my grading done, I am making lists. I am crossing stuff of said lists. I paid some bills. I’m listening to Fleetwood Mac. I brought rice and sauteed peppers and mushrooms for lunch. Things are… ok. Granted, I like to buy stuff when I get stressed and the one thing I wanted is out of stock. BUT, I have two cases of my favorite beer at home so at least evenings will be enjoyable.


Last night, Elliot decided he wanted to play pitcher in his baseball game – a position he previously shied away from – and he struck out two kids! I wasn’t there because Isaac had a game at the same time, but Ash said he did great. My heart swells when my children find success. He has testing today and I hope he is just as successful there, of course.


My weekend will entail a 5k Saturday morning, isaac’s bowling birthday party at 12:30, and then Easter stuff Sunday. My goal for the in-between time is to get cleaning done and sit in the sun. Wish me luck!


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