MMMM + I cannot believe my wekeend

If you can be beyond tired, that’s me. We had the kind of weekend where nothing REALLY went as planned. OK, Friday was alright but no one was very happy. I went home and ran, then got the kids fed because Isaac had a 6 pm game and Elliot, a 7:30. It was a looong, cool evening and Ash chose to wait to eat until after so he was cranky anyway. By the time all that was over, I was flat out done.

Saturday, Ash woke by 5 so he could drive to Torreya for a 15 mile race. That morning, I fed the kids, we went to Target, then the plan was to take Elliot to his school book club thing and I’d keep the younger kids entertained. Well, while I was unloading stuff from the store, Elliot was cutting open something, turned around quickly with scissors and caught Isaac right under his lip. It wasn’t long – maybe a quarter inch – but it was deep so I called Urgent Care. Things sort of worked out in that I was able to get him an appointment such that I could drop Elliot off at his school thing then take Isaac. The doc said it was a one stitch job but it ended up needing three. Sigh. Directly after we got him sewed up and picked up Elliot, we headed home.

At this point, Ash had texted to let me know he jacked up his foot at mile three and something was really wrong. He finished his race but his foot was pretty busted up. He was able to hobble and we had a late lunch at a Mexican place.

Our friend invited us to his parents’ place to use their pool and hot tub so honestly, that was the highlight of the weekend. We drank beer and had a great time. That night we had a choose your own adventure style dinner but I should have noticed it then: Isaac hadn’t felt like eating since breakfast. He said his mouth was hurting but I assumed it was from the stitches or maybe a tooth coming in. Well, Sunday morning, that is when I did notice it. He has a cracked tooth!

I managed to squeeze in a run and I ran some errands but the day was insane because I took Ash to Urgent Care for what turns out to be a very bad sprain. SO he was basically on the couch all day and I had to do everything else. I ran around all day and felt completely empty by the end of the evening.

I got Isaac into the dentist this morning; the tooth has a cavity and it’s starting to break apart so he’ll be seeing a pediatric dentist tomorrow. The money and the time just keep getting squeezed out of me! I finally got into work and I’m starving because I had half a piece of toast and a small cup of coffee. Is it lunch time yet??


This week’s theme is: Grammy song from the year you were 18. My year, then, is 1997 and I have to say, not a lot of great grammy award winners, in my opinion. I’m picking the ones I can stand the most:

Wait, ok, this song was actually really good, as rap goes.

6 thoughts on “MMMM + I cannot believe my wekeend

  1. The Smashing Pumpkins got their start when they were students at Loyola University Chicago, my alma mater.

    I stopped taking the Grammys seriously around 1995. I’m surprised you found anything.

  2. My favorite “Smashing PUmpkins” So glad you graduated in that year! Woo Hoo Have a great day… it’s so nice I think I’ll go out and play! hehehehe hugs

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