Finally Friday

Lordy, it was a long week. The day I took Isaac to have his tooth pulled seems a million years away. But it was only Tuesday. I worked my butt off at work as well so maybe that has to do with it. I was busy and exhausted and no lie – I napped after work two days this week. That is entirely unlike me! But it’s finally Friday and I can attempt to relax.

Actually, confession: I took last evening as mine. As the kids got closer to bed time, I opened a beer, made myself a breakfast burrito with egg, mushrooms and peppers, then sat down to watch some New Japan wrestling and a Ring of Honor Marty Scurll match. That was for ME; I took time for “self-care” as they say.

Dakota is in my office today because of Good Friday and we’re almost done; half day with the hubs will entail lunch and then working on our kitchen some more. I hate painting but I will need to suck it up and get it done. I’ll feel better anyway so I don’t know why I complain. Isaac has a 6 pm baseball game and then that’s it. His birthday is tomorrow and he’s having it at the bowling alley. Should be fun! I’m running him up to a friend’s house later that afternoon to get his stitches out (she’s a nurse) and then Sunday, aside from a quick egg hunt at the house, is free and clear. I plan to do laundry, clean my house, and sit in the sun. Honestly, I am feeling a lot less encumbered now, compared to earlier in the week. Things are good.

Life is good.

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