MMMM + Hurtling towards year’s end

It’s a “not enough coffee” kind of day. I was even contemplating bringing two travel mugs full this morning, that’s how tired I am. When Ash is out of town, I don’t typically fall asleep on the couch anyway, so I missed out on about two hours of sleep there. But also, there was a wrestling ppv last night so I stayed up to watch that and only at 11:45 did I get in bed. When that alarm went off this morning, I was hurting.

The weekend was good though. Ash and I had steak on Friday then saw Doctor Strange, which was a lot better than I anticipated. I love how the Marvel movies tie little things together; so smart. Anyway, my department had their annual holiday party that night but I opted out. My family wanted spaghetti and I was kind of tired so I stayed in. Saturday we had to get up a little early because Ash and Ell had a race. Ash did the 10 mile and Ell, the 5. It’s a notoriously hilly course but Elliot won his age division! Pretty neat. The medal was actually a pint glass so that’s kind of funny. After that, we had lunch and naps and then we did pretty much nothing. It was nice to relax but I also started putting my house back together. The handy man is done!

I am so happy to have him finished and out, even though he was a great guy to work with and to talk to. My bathrooms look amazing and all the little annoying things we always dealt with are fixed. Our kitchen is still a mess but we’re doing that ourselves (until it’s time for flooring.)

Anyway, Sunday, Ash went to Urgent Care because his hand and knee that he jacked up when he fell running the other night were not healing as expected. I took Dakota to a birthday party – which was exceedingly draining – and then Ash left for his tech conference. Ahh, solo parenting is such fun! 😉



Continuing in the Christmas theme, I’m picking some of the older hymnal type songs I really love.

I’m sure you have heard “Here we come a caroling” but this version is much old. Wassail was a traditional apple cider type drink and people used to make a big batch and take it around to their neighbors’ home. Then they sing a little tune.

This was one of my faves when I was a kid. Christmas always makes me feel like going to church.

4 thoughts on “MMMM + Hurtling towards year’s end

  1. I can no longer stay up that late I just can’t I am an early to bed early to rise person, I like to get up early and get my emails checked and blogs read and such before Leo gets here and before I have to take Leo to school

  2. Hey girl, I find it hard to stay up late and I usually feel it big time the next day. I’m glad you had a good weekend. That’s always nice. Hark the Herald Angels Sing is a favorite childhood Christmas carol for me, too. Of course, I still count it among my favorite today. I am familiar with Here We Come a Caroling. I think it’s on one of my Christmas CD collections. It’s a very happy song. Thanks for continuing to party with the 4M crew each week. We (I’m temporarily co-hosting) really appreciate it! 😉 Have a good week, my friend!

  3. I use to stay up late all the time, but lately just cannot do it. YAWN!!!! ~snicker~ I remember my mom playing these tunes on her stereo and they would just echo through the house. You just knew the Christmas season had started as far as my mom was concerned. Thank you for joining us and sharing. Have a great week! hugs

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