Friday Five – Writing in between work

Five Thoughts:

  1. Indeed, I have a TON of grading to do but I am blasting through it. We have an office bowling get-together this afternoon (we won ‘best staff’ so this was the award) so I have to get it all done before 3.
  2. Looking ahead to what’s going on this month, we are SLAMMED. But when I look at the whole of my life, this is not a bad thing. It’s good to have things, right? We finish up flag this weekend, going to the fair on Tuesday, my parents come Thursday, then we have various Thanksgiving festivities and a trip down to Busch Gardens. It’s a lot to handle but keeps me on my toes.
  3. Speaking of, we also have the handy man coming out Monday to assess what he can do for us. We have a random hole in the wall, some other minor interior issues, some outside wood rot, etc. This is just one of the steps to bettering our house for selling it. I am stressed about the money we’re gonna shell out for that, the materials and the eventual fence repair but Ash assures me it’s fine, all fine. But still.
  4. Starbucks was running this deal on the app where you got 100 bonus stars if you ordered a latte, a breakfast sandwich, and any tea. Well, I got the first two and then finally went to get tea but it never showed up as counting for the promotion. I even got tea twice and it didn’t work! Well, I contacted customer care and they gave me 125 stars! What an excellent company.
  5. These “fun-sized” candies are killing me! My kids got SO SO much candy for Halloween and I can barely help myself from eating 2, 3 pieces whenever I pass by their bags. It’s not healthy and honestly, I don’t feel very good. I have noticed a distinct blah feeling after eating it and I MUST STOP!

Five Photos:


At the football stadium yesterday for a breakfast


If you don’t watch wrestling, isn’t AJ reason enough to start? Geezus.


This book is so good!!! I am almost done and cannot wait for part 2.


Pretty much


This is totally me



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