Friday Five – Mini-golf, missing, The Middle

  1. I realize that Emmymom is no longer doing a linkup for this post but I still like to gather my thoughts at the end of the week. I went searching for other Friday BlogHops but they’re all very specific: crafts, recipes, God stuff. I like general thought spewing so I guess I will keep searching.
  2. I realized this morning that in the last week, I have bought name brand baby wipes and adult bathroom wipes and I like neither of them. In fact, I prefer the generic kind from Publix and Costco respectively. I find this very interesting.
  3. It’s been a really long week and it isn’t over yet. This makes me sound like an awful mom but I’m not used to spending all day with my boys, taking them places. We went to Skyzone and Chik-fil-a yesterday and I promised them mini-golf today. Days just seem so long! I am used to going to work all day and then filling my evening hours with family time.
  4. I’m probably going to mention this again next week but I solved the case of the missing neighbor. Let’s backtrack: we have a couple people next door who each weight quite a bit and sit outside their crumbling home, feeding stray cats. (Search for stray cats and you can find all my posts about these people). They were never awful but they just did things I didn’t like, like feeding those cats, not taking care of their home, and their tree fell on my house. Anyway, they usually sit outside in the winter in shorts and short sleeves but I didn’t recall seeing them. And the guy usually brings me a bag full of fruit and nuts at Christmas but we didn’t get one this year. About four months ago, I realized no one had been home; only one car was ever there. I started to wonder if maybe one of them was in the hospital. Then two days ago, the woman was back and she stayed. I decided to look at obituaries and sure enough, he died. But in September! It took me this long to realize it! It’s kind of sad but also gives me hope that she might move in with family and their house will be sold. Whoever buys it will need to bulldoze – they were major hoarders and when they opened their front door, I could smell the stink from my house!
  5. My kids have been watching The Middle like it’s going out of style. Honestly, it’s a good show but I am just sort of annoyed by watching a show this much. Granted, I have machine-gunned episodes of other shows but for some reason, I feel annoyed. I almost feel bad that we aren’t doing more summer type things but my God, it is so hot out there! Our high is 95 today and my will to do anything at all is at an all-time low. How do I get around this malaise?

That’s all for today; no photos since I am home with the kids and it’s time to take Dakota to school. Until next week, faithful readers!

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