Random Tuesday – Need a break already

Stacy Uncorked
  • Yesterday went by so quickly! I have been here, there, and everywhere with the solo parenting thing and then Zoey needed to have her ear looked at. Turns out it’s an infection causing the hematoma and she’s on meds now. Of course, I also have a lot of actual work to do and then the hours of 4-8 pm are insanity with the kids. I shouldn’t complain; I am sure other parents (and especially single parents) are used to the running all over town and doing every little thing but I am simply not. My husband actually does a lot!
  • I am watching a lot of Game of Thrones theory videos because we’re obviously six seasons in and I only read book one. I just found out who Lady Stoneheart is and though I don’t think they’re going to put her in the show, she sounds awesome. It makes me want to actually finish reading the books!
  • I usually want to post tpolitical kind of stuff to facebook but I realize I’m talking to the wrong audience there. My “friends” want to organize sit-ins and crap but never let anyone else talk to them. They only want to tell you what they think. So I was thinking about a couple songs that really say important things and the first one is a newer Megadeth song named Post-American World. The other is good old Crazy Train. Really, listen to the lyrics. Ozzy knows.


As our host said, the state of the world is in shambles and I don’t know where we’re headed, but it’s probably not good. So with that said, let’s do the Tuesday Chat!

What would you do differently, 
if you knew no one would judge you?
I have lived my life with the idea in mind that I honestly don’t care what people think. We all know it’s highly difficult to *actually* feel that way.

So if I have to answer this, if no one would judge me, I’d probably get plastic surgery. Honestly, it kind of goes against my moral compass in that I feel like I ought to earn it. I have briefly looked at local places that offer the “mommy package” – the one where they suck out that excess belly fat and do the tummy tuck. I can work on my arms and legs but this residual junk from three kids is SO hard to lose. But it costs a lot and seems like the easy way out. But if my husband or family wouldn’t judge me, I very well might do it!


2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Need a break already

  1. WOW!! Wow… Ozzy does get it!! I’ve heard and sang along with that song a hundred times, and it never really sunk in until today. wow. He nailed it. “mental wounds” indeed.

    I’ve been to the video store 6 times in the past month to try and rent GOT Season 5!!! But it’s always out!! This is the first time I have been soooo far behind. It sucks not getting the channel it airs on here in Canada. We’d have to pay extra just to get that one show. Or, I’d get hooked on a dozen others too! ha.

    Girlfriend, I will be in line behind you getting the mommy special and I don’t even got any shame about it. LOL I’ve been working hard DAILY for 2 years, and it still isn’t going away. If I had the dollars, I’d be tucking! 🙂

  2. Sit-ups used to be effective for me when I was young. But, now, I’m 50 and dealing with post-surgical complications that have left me unable to do sit-ups. I look about 50 months pregnant now. Good grief! I’d be too afraid to go for plastic surgery, though I have pondered the thought of opening one of the abdominal scars and inserting the hose from the vacuum cleaner in there to do its job!

    Have a blessed day!

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