Random Tuesday – Copping out on writing today

Stacy Uncorked
  • I don’t mean to start this post off on a negative note but let me tell you: I didn’t want to go to work today. Sure, a lot of people feel that way. But I almost always want to go. I sort of pride myself on the fact that I a.) have an enjoyable job and b.) take pride in doing work. But I really didn’t want to do it today. Nope. This is compounded by…
  • sciatic nerve pain. It flared up last night right after we got home from baseball and it was bad. I had that awful shooting pain all the way down through my ankle. Cold/hot then essential oils did help but this  morning it is still bothering me. Sigh. I will try to get a quick mile in this afternoon and see if running helps or hurts.
  • Elliot had his first baseball game last night and well, they didn’t suck. In fact, our team hit better than the other. But our second half pitcher walked too many kids. Elliot was more disappointed that he struck out. He got a piece of it twice but fouled. I hate to see him so upset but I hope it means he’ll try harder. He’s a good ball player but gets easily discouraged. His next game is Friday so he has some time to ruminate.
  • This post is taking forever to write! I cannot seem to focus. I need to get a haircut so all I can think about is taking time off and maybe doing that this afternoon. I’d also really like to go to some other Goodwill stores, as I had such bad luck this weekend. It’s bad when you just straight up don’t feel like working.

OK, this was a totally useless post and I’m not even going to do the Tuesday chat prompt. Stick and stones will break my bones, yes, but words don’t hurt me. I don’t let them. Enough said. I’m out!

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Copping out on writing today

  1. This is exactly how I feel when my back is hurting me — the pain gets all the attention! And if I do write, you can bet it’s gonna have an edge. Those posts tend to stay in Drafts folder a LONG time. ha. I do help the pain eases up soon.
    I think you probably said exactly what we all should do about those mean words in a nutshell! Short and to the point, and true.

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