Friday Five – This, that, and the other

Five Thoughts:

  1. This weekend is straight up full. Ash runs the Springtime Tallahassee 10k Saturday morning and then he goes to a card tournament the rest of the day. Meanwhile, I have to clean the house and take care of the kids. At night, a few friends are coming over and we’re having a bad beer tasting party. Though I’m sort of a beer snob, it should be kind of interesting!
  2. I bought some of those frozen meatless foods this week; specifically, Gardein pulled pork pockets and some non-chicken chicken sliders. They’re actually not bad. Could have fooled me that it wasn’t actually meat. They’re pretty filling too so I felt productive in those purchases.
  3. I have had it up to here with all these posts about being careful on April Fool’s Day. Have we as a society become such pansies? I mean, I hate being fooled/pranked but you take things as they come. We don’t need to make such a big deal out of it. There’s one aspect of the internet I just hate.
  4. I entered all 16 baseball games into my phone calendar yesterday and that is when the next two months of my life flew by.  We have games right on through the end of May, when the kids – coincidentally – finish school. Baseball season and school basically end at the same time. I guess we’ll breathe a collective sigh of relief then.
  5. Battle jacket update: I have done nothing. LOL. They sell jean jackets at Target (hey, this means they must be coming back into style, right?) but I think I will try to hit up Goodwill. This is an on the cheap type project for me so I can’t spend 30 bucks there. I do have about 8 patches in my Amazon cart and I just have to pull the trigger. May 2nd (Def Leppard) will be here before you know it.

Five Photos:


I have to clean so much this weekend


Take me here



Really cool graphic


Ah yes


2 thoughts on “Friday Five – This, that, and the other

  1. “Cleaning is just putting stuff in less obvious places”. So true. This past January I decided I wanted to entirely de-clutter my house. I rent a two-storey 3-bedroom house, I am the only one who lives there now, and when my roommates moved out, I took over their rooms and closets. The house was literally FULL of my stuff, and a lot of it was not necessary. So I decided to drag everything out of the closets upstairs and clean them out. Toss the garbage, give away the good stuff to a local charity, and keep some for a potential yard sale this spring. I got about half-way through the job and took a “breather”. Then never went back to it. The only room that got really cleaned out was my own. The two spare rooms still have piles of clothing and junk lying around them waiting to be sorted. I’m almost at the point where I just shove it all back into closets just to have the rooms looking nice and presentable again… so yeah. I might have to do that kind of “cleaning” this weekend. lol!

  2. Yes, everyone really was freaking about about April Fools Day, though I have to be honest I kind of stayed off FB more that day than I usually do as I just didn’t feel like dealing with it. Our next two months are full of soccer, so totally understand that one. I am really starting to be ready for summer.

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