MMMM + Can’t get started at all

I can’t seem to find a suitable way to break into this post so this is it: my Monday post. Um, um, yeah I am at such a loss. We had a good weekend, though busy. Both boys had soccer games but three hours apart and at different schools so it was a little nutty. Then Elliot had a birthday party but I dropped him off. Thankfully he’s at the age where we can do that. Plus, I know the mom pretty well. While he was there, I finally managed to get my hands on the Iron Maiden beer so I went back home and laid in the sun a while and drank. A nice way to spend an hour and a half!

Sunday was also busy with some shopping and cleaning and I ran and cooked and we did a trial run of setting up our new tent. We’re camping in a couple weeks so we wanted to see how easy it was. The menfolk actually slept in there last night. I opted for inside because the baby wasn’t ready for that. Though she’ll be there next time!

So yeah, I totally thought today was January 31st. I clearly cannot keep track of days anymore. That said, let’s just get straight to the music and be done here.





Let’s start off with a song I heard in a… Honda?… commercial. I think it was but this song totally grew on me.

It has a bit of that dance/disco feel to it, to me. I dig it.

Now, let’s listen to the best voice in metal with another Maiden song:

I could listen to Bruce all day long. Not even kidding.

And here’s a song that came up in a random context the other day. A friend and I were talking about looking at your childhood neighborhood/house and there’s a line in this song that instantly came to mind. Also, the Killers are an excellent band.

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