Friday Five – Run for your life


Five Thoughts:

  1. I had a crazy long, busy day yesterday and now I feel sort of drained and at a standstill. It’s a strange sort of emotion; I am feeling nostalgic and lazy, which is an odd combo I realize.
  2. The boys are doing a fun run at school today through the fund raising thing and I am going, though I don’t particularly want to. Elliot had a point: I do see him run all the time. It’s sad when you’d rather stay at work and do work than see your kids but it isn’t so much about not seeing them; it’s that it’s not some special performance or anything. I went to his honor roll ceremonies but this is just running in a circle with a lot of kids who prove that their parents don’t make them do anything. Seriously, I hate watching kids start walking, out of breath, after two laps. I mean, that makes me sad.
  3. OK I am back from that event. It took longer than I anticipated but the boys both did great. Ell ran over 60 laps and Isaac completed the 35 where they cut you off. I mean, from pledging anyway.  I have completed my kid obligation for the day!
  4. I have papers to grade this afternoon but I’m also trying to write. You know, being a writing major and a writer at heart takes so much work. I mean, if you got a degree in, say, finance, but end up doing something else, chances are you might not miss doing something with money. But with something creative, there’s always a pull in your heart to exhibit that.
  5. On that note, I am trying to formulate my stories to attempt to be on The Ultimate Sinner show, which is a facet of the Ozzy’s Boneyard XM channel. You basically get to play your top 5 hard rock/metal song and tell your story about them. I don’t know if I have anything going for me other than I’m a mild-mannered mom who adores metal but hey, it could be my niche.

Five Photos:

Here’s a couple of my boys at the run:




And Ash with his flight on Tuesday:20160126_191237_resized

And a gorgeous pic of Bruce Dickinson, because Iron Maiden


And I want this tattoo:c6e2398ee8798070434b2e4f4acf30a2

One thought on “Friday Five – Run for your life

  1. I totally get that about the school event.. there are some awards ceremonies, just the standard ones that start to feel a bit old after a while, but yep have to go. Sounds like your boys did great! Thanks so much for linking up

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