Random Tuesday – Coming back from vacation sucks a little

Stacy Uncorked
  • We’re back from the middle of the state! LOL. We took a little sojourn down to Universal Studios and had a really good time. Got down there around dinner time Friday evening and had Mexican at City Walk. The next day, we did a good chunk of the Studios and Islands of Adventure. It was by no means perfect; a lot of little random crappy stuff popped up but all in all, everyone was well-behaved and had fun.
  • I had two hot butterbeers while waiting for the menfolks to ride the new Escape from Gringott’s and wow. Just wow. That stuff is so good! Elliot got a cold one and it is nowhere near as tasty as it is hot.
  • The hotel we stayed in (Royal Pacific) was amazing and the water taxi that takes you to the front of the park was an excellent perk. Especially when you’ve been walking around all day long.
  • We met up with my sister Saturday and went to Margaritaville. Finally! I have been wanting to go to one for a long time. I feel like I know almost every song in the Jimmy Buffett library;  kind of owe it to the guy. I even ordered the Perfect Margarita and the Cheeseburger in Paradise. I was in paradise, I tell you that.
  • We got home Sunday evening around 9 and had yesterday to recover. I managed to do all my laundry and grocery shopping AND get in a run. And today, I have my overnight oats (featuring PB2, which I just started using) and I brought a healthy lunch. After the junk we ate all weekend, it is time!

OK, onto the Tuesday chat!

“Let it Go! Is there anything you need to let go of, before you can embark on this new year?”

You know, there’s not NOW. Last week I was in a bad place. I had a hard time breaking into the new year and everything felt… clunky. The first week of school here was rather rough: just a lot to do in a short time. I had long days and freshmen yelling at me and I was unsettled. Then I was stressed about leaving this past weekend; I kept worrying I would forget to pack something super important or one of the kids would act up or SOMETHING. I don’t even know what I was stressed about. But now that we’re back and I can ease into my week, I feel A LOT better. In fact, our morning was so… nice. No one yelled or complained and we didn’t hate each other. I would say we’ve had absolutely craptastic mornings ever since the kids went back to school. But now I think we’re ok. I got past my personal hurdle and can move forward. Welcome 2016!

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Coming back from vacation sucks a little

  1. Sounds like you had a great trip!! Glad you guys had a good time!

    I think I always feel that way in the first few weeks of January. “Clunky” – good word to describe it. Things have definitely leveled out and I’m back in a rhythm again too. Thank God for that!

  2. I think I would like to go to Universal Studios, not going to happen since I live in a different country and all but still think it would be awesome, I also want to go to Disneyland

  3. Margaritaville is awesome!! I went to the one in Montego Bay, Jamaica and it has a slide through the restaurant that goes down to the ocean. so very cool. Glad your trip went awesome — but more so that it sounds like it gave you that restoration and rejuvenation to change the bad start of 2016 around! yay! Sometimes all need is a little change of pace and scenery to reset the mundane. 🙂

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