Friday Five – Waiting for the good stuff

Five Thoughts:

  1. Usually, when you have a bad day, you assume it’s going to get better. Well I can tell you, my week hasn’t improved much since Wednesday. I know that in my mind, I need to reach that point where I come to terms with it all; where I start looking at the bright side and start overcoming. I’m not there yet though.
  2. I can count on one hand the number of times my dogs – that I have owned for 12 years – have ever stepped in poop and dragged it through my house. Unfortunately, it happened Wednesday night when the dog sitter was just getting to know them. It was her first time in my home, one of the first times I spoke to her longer than in passing at work. And yet, there it was.
  3. I blogged my photo of our Halloween costumes (Star Wars) back in October on tumblr and it seems it has been rediscovered; it got liked and reblogged about 15 times in the night. Kinda cool!
  4. Oh, I burned my tongue this morning. On par with the rest of my life at the moment.
  5. We’re heading south today and let’s hope that Universal Studios turns my mood around. It should be pretty fun! We have special passes because of where we’re staying that allow us to go in an hour before the normal folks. And we have their version of fast passes. Pretty sweet!

Five Photos:






Rediscovering Iron Maiden has been a nice distraction


I have already started dreaming of summer


Sometimes this is me, unintentionally bragging. I need to remind myself.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five – Waiting for the good stuff

  1. You are too funny…although your week was not so funny. It is hard to get out of the mental cycle of “why in the heck is this happening and is it going to just keep getting worse” when things do, in fact, keep getting worse. Hang in and hang on, darling…next week will be much improved.

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