Sore body after a Tough Mudder + MMMM

I’m planning to write a Tough Mudder recap post – if you’re interested – but let’s suffice to say that it was one of the most grueling, dirtiest thing I have ever done. Different than running a foot race, that’s for sure. I’m much more sore after that than I ever was after a half marathon.

So yes, that was my entire weekend, essentially: driving to Orlando to get our race packet, driving to Melbourne, eating dinner, resting, driving to the site, 11.2 miles of mud, sweat, and obstacles, showering, a rest, then burgers and beers. Ash and I got up Sunday morning and left the hotel, got gas and food at Bob Evans (a personal favorite) and then got one home. We were welcomes by rain tat has yet to leave. I HATE when it’s raining for dropping off kids. THE WORST.

Ahem, I have a multitude of work to do this morning and my jeans are wet and I am wearing fuzzy socks in my office because my flip flops were soaking wet. I’m going to enjoy my coffee and get to it. Happy Monday!



Since it is a freebie week, I picked the song I heard on the radio last (and liked). Then, I chose the song that randomly came on after from youtube.

5 thoughts on “Sore body after a Tough Mudder + MMMM

  1. My friend, my friend, it’s been forever since I’ve danced with you. Life is crazy with DH out of work. It’s nice having him home, but the weight of uncertainty is a bother some days. So, it’s always nice when I can to escape to Blogosphere to visit a friend such as yourself to read an interesting post or shake my booty. I haven’t heard Genesis and Jefferson Star Ship’s stuff in a long time. Thanks for the music memory. Have a tunetastic week!

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