Random Tuesday – Totally mind-numblingly random

Stacy Uncorked
  • I cannot seem to catch up! I keep forgetting to do simple, basic things that I always do. You know, like putting the bread away after making sandwiches or putting on deodorant. I don’t feel all that tired but I guess this is how my body deals with jet lag.
  • On the interwebs, people are getting excited about Captain America: Civil War. I’m not super thrilled but Martin Freeman is going to play a role and since I’m a slut for him, I’ll see it anyway. What can I say? He does things to me.tumblr_nwu65h0pIh1rn2cm9o1_400
  • I had a nice chat with an elderly black woman this morning at Starbucks. She asked if she could use my cell phone and we got to talking about how reliant we are on these devices and it went from there. She teaches 2nd grade and fosters a girl in that grade. It was a really interesting way to pass 30 minutes I had before Elliot’s Honor Roll ceremony.
  • Yeah, somehow he made A/B honor roll, even though he’s bombing his comprehension tests. All As and the abomination that is English. He just does not pay attention to these non-fiction stories they’re reading!
  • They released the date for the Sherlock Special: January 1st. And if we’re really lucky here in little old North Florida, we’ll get it in the theater. I’ll be there, ready for my Victorian husbands.tumblr_mzhwpndjXg1t3c050o1_500
  • And now, for our Tuesday Chat.

The long work day is done, you arrive home 
and the first thing you do…?


Man, the truth is so much like our host: it’s an endless cycle of chaos! Now, let’s say it’s a day when I manage to get home, say, 30 minutes before everyone else. This means I skipped my lunch break and left at about 4:15, placing me home at 4:30. The first thing I do is check the mailbox. Then I go in and drop all my stuff, let the dogs out and feed them. I’ll immediately change and flop onto the couch. Admittedly, I straight up shut off my brain. I’ll either lay on the couch in the darkness of the living room; no lights, curtains drawn. Or, I will browse tumblr for a bit, indulging my obsessions.Turn-Your-Brain-Off-300x225

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Totally mind-numblingly random

  1. Ahhhh, Tumblr….. the place I go to forget. LOL
    And I am one of those ones who is eagle eye on Marvel Twitter like come on already drop the Civil War trailer ..it’s been like 78 years!!! I can’t help it Cap is my favourite. But I super excited about Martin being in it too because he is amazing. I watched Sherlock for him and not that other Benegum Cucumber dude or whatever his name is. ha.

    1. Um, yeah. I wanted to watch Sherlock to see what it was like and instead of getting sucked into the whole Benedict thing I was head over heels for Martin.

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