Well, that was a weekend

After completely skipping my workout this morning, I cleaned my bathroom. See,  I couldn’t fall asleep last night because I kept thinking about everything I have to do before we leave for Hawaii. That’s not like me and somewhere in my mind I know it will all get done. I’m just happy to have my coffee this morning because it was a brisk 54. A bit cool; finally! The boys even took their jackets, which is saying something because though they may be Florida boys, they don’t seem all that phased by temperature.

Speaking of boys, my oldest learned a valuable lesson this weekend: break your fall with your hands and arms, not your face. He and Matthew were riding their scooters around the neighborhood and going down a hill, they decided to crouch down, which changed his balance and he ate it. I was napping during the football games and was woken suddenly when his friend burst into the house saying, “Elliot got hurt!” It looks pretty bad; the whole left side of his face is all road rash. But it could have been worse, I suppose. At least he didn’t break anything. After his friend, Beau, broke his arm at flag football practice, every time one of my kids falls I think, “Oh here it is; this is our time.”

This weekend was also flag games: Ell’s team won and he did very well at QB. Isaac’s team got demolished. We had Sonny’s and I did stuff around the house. We were originally going to go to our friends’ house in the neighborhood but Jon had the stomach flu so we watched the FSU/Miami game at home, which was better. I didn’t want the baby to stay up so late somewhere else.

On Sunday, I cleaned some more – nothing like my parents’ impending arrival to spur me into hardcore cleaning – and we had tacos for lunch. I managed to get myself a pedicure in the afternoon, which was much needed before vacay. I am certain I will wear flip flops at least 75% of the time. Not that it’s any different from here. We have a joke about you’re not really a Floridian unless you wear your sandals all winter. We’re just tough like that. Or stubborn. Don’t want to give it up.

Today, I am tying up loose ends. Grading like crazy and making sure the info for my subs is all in order. I can’t believe it is already 11:30; time is flying by! I hope you all have a great Monday. I’m off to work some more!


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