Random Tuesday – Winning!

Stacy Uncorked
  • So, Elliot’s road rashed face seems to be healing fine. As I mentioned yesterday, he had a nasty run-in with the pavement when he thought he’d try to be a little adventurous on his scooter. He said when he got home from school that he must have said the word “scooter” 50 times. Everyone asked!20151011_164400_resized
  • And wouldn’t you know it: school pics are this week. I don’t think I’m going to buy them but at least we’ll have the reminder in his yearbook photo!
  • So I finally committed to Audible. Well, temporarily anyway. I’ll do the 30 day trial and see how it goes. I really wanted it for the plane. For my one free book, I got the Sherlock Holmes Rediscovered Railway Tales, as voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch himself. If I like it, I think I’ll get his reading of Cassanova, another book I never read.
  • Great weather again today. Tally is making me very proud this October so far.
  • We have both boys’ teacher conferences this afternoon. I am very interested in seeing what they say about Isaac. I see a vast improvement in his sheer interest in learning; I’ll catch him randomly practicing writing his sight words. He used to be straight up reluctant to even start learning. I know Elliot is doing well; his tests come home.
  • When conferences are over, our plan is to get the kids a bit early and head to the pumpkin patch. We wouldn’t be able to go until after vacay and that might be too late. I’m super excited about it! We may even go out to dinner, as it is our last night with these kiddos.
  • OK, let’s move onto the Tuesday chat!

“Have you ever won anything?”

Uh, I won at life, yo. No, seriously. Let’s start at the beginning: when I was younger, I won A LOT of poster contests and trophies for essay contests or best math stats or this thing we used to do called Super Stars, which was extra gifted math worksheets. Then I won poetry contests and the school spelling bee for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade; I placed 3rd in County in 5th grade.trophyrecycleroom

Later in life, I stopped winning that kind of stuff. So let’s skip ahead to more recent years. The day that baby was born, Bonefish had a Twitter contest where you wrote why today was the best and I entered with – obviously – I gave birth to my baby girl! And I won a 100 dollar gift card! A few months ago, I entered a contest to win signed books and a tote bag by one of my favorite authors, Kresley Cole. And I won! Capture

I sometimes say I never win anything but that’s a total lie. I do And it’s not the material stuff that counts anyway.


3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Winning!

  1. Poor Elliot! Maybe the road rash will be gone in time for ‘retake day’. 😉 And yearbook pics will definitely be a ‘reminder’ of the tumble! 🙂

    Our conferences are next week – I’m a little nervous about how Little Dude’s will go, considering he keeps getting in trouble weekly, but at least we finally had an IEP meeting so the school can give him the extra learning help he definitely needs. 🙂

    Material wins definitely don’t measure up to the other wins. 😉

  2. Ouch – his poor wee face! Well I guess that is a self correcting problem, as my hubby says when one of ours comes home all skinned and banged up. Usually it’s the knees in this house. I gave birth to klutz’s. ha
    I think it’s awesome that you won so much early in life and that it does sound like it was performance based. You did your best and got rewarded!! That’s a great life lesson. But winning at life, as you say, is never really about the material stuff. 🙂
    Have fun at the pumpkin patch! That’s one of my favourite annual trips.

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