Friday Five – Vacation looms ever closer

  1. Y’all, I leave next Thursday! I am trying to be calm about everything. I wrote out a list of things that need to get done like pedicure and buying a snack for Isaac’s class for next Wednesday and clean my room/bathroom (because my parents will sleep in there). I haven’t even started thinking about packing. I will address that on Monday. I do need a windbreaker of some sort. Even if it’s just a cheap thin one. Some of the hikes in and around the volcano tend to be cool and misty and I don’t want to be under-dressed. That’s going to be so weird: on the Kona side we’ll be on the beach and on the Hilo side, near misty waterfalls.
  2. I will say that my impending time away from work has made me super productive. I made 43 labels (it’s more involved than you’d think), ordered books for 160 classes (also hard; you have to type in a five digit number for each book for every section; there’s no “apply this book to all sections”), and I have been grading papers. I feel so good about this!
  3. I may have finally figured out pigtails for Dakota. I kept getting them all crooked but every time, I get a little bit better. The problem is that her hair is still toddler fine and wispy so if she leans back in her carseat even, it gets a little messed up. That’s one thing I appreciated about keeping my boys’ hair relatively short; just brush and go.
  4. I made the mistake of watching a thread on facebook last night which essentially became “grad students bitching about their spring teaching assignments and being entirely ungrateful for all we give them.” I almost said something but that’s not my place. I can tell you, however, if we down here have to give them a class, I have some special 8 am sections just waiting for them! 😉
  5. I tried the toasted graham latte at Starbucks this morning. I like it but not as much as a basic vanilla. I’m weird about things like that.

Five Photos:


My little John Watson!


The lame banana stand at Walmart


Nice sky this morning


Pig tails


I’m going to put this in my office

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