Random Tuesday – No sun, the future, and ink

Stacy Uncorked
  • I thought – for one brief, no, minuscule moment – that we might see the sun today. But I awoke to a gray misty day AGAIN. What is this, Seattle? Did you know that even though Seattle has more gray drizzly days than us, Tallahassee actually accrues more rainfall in a year than they do? Imagine that! Also, feel sorry for me.
  • When we’re on vacation, my oldest has a field trip to a fishing camp. I suggested to my father that he attend with him, in that he enjoys fishing and they needed volunteers to bait hooks, etc. I was amazed he actually took me up on it! I am pretty sure this will be his very first time going on a field trip since he himself was a child. I never remember him going with me!
  • I wanted to point out this:BTTF
  • Right? Where’s my flying cars? Hoverboard? Jaws 19?? Actually, aren’t they releasing some kind of special trailer for Jaws 19 as a throwback to BTTF? I think so.
  • Meanwhile, this is something I need to get for my front yard. We recently replanted and there’s a bit of empty space. This would work perfectly!1c81_rampaging_kaiju_garden_gnome


OK, let’s do Tuesday Chat!

β€œTell us about something you have never done, but would like to do now. What was holding you back?”

Hmm, you know, this is harder than it sounds. I mean, I have done a lot of things and not a lot holds me back. it’s hard to think about what I have wanted to do but didn’t. I guess I’ll go with… get my next tattoo. And the “never” part comes in with the fact that I’m enshrining someONE to my body.

I talk about doing it often but there are always setbacks: money, time, the shop I was going to choose closing up and the owners moving to California.

I really just want the kids’ names, in their writing. Obviously, I’ll need to leave room because Dakota can’t write yet. But I just think it would be such a cool idea. I have these two calf tattoos:




And I have one very similar to the above on my left ankle. I figure their names on my right ankle will do just fine. Sure, I entertained the idea of putting them on a tree in a carven like way but the more I drew and designed, the more I realized how large that would need to be. And I’m not there yet.

I still think I’ll get a tree at some point. There’s something elemental and alluring about them to me. I have always liked them and want one on me. But again, things do hold me back. I think when I get back from Hawaii I’ll look into the names thing. I am even working on getting Ash do to the same. He might not pick their handwriting and he probably won’t put them on his leg but he’s expressed enough interest to maybe finally do it.

Some day…

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – No sun, the future, and ink

  1. Living in perpetual cloud cover here too. Which really wreaks havoc on my head — I call this migraine season. ugh.
    LOL – I was totally thinking about Marty and Doc the other day and trying to get my kids to watch the movie this month.
    I’ve been wanting a 2nd tattoo myself. And I thought about using my kids names too and I love the idea of the Celtic Tree of Life – I wear a necklace of the symbol. However, with 3 kids, that would be a big tattoo and I like mine a bit more discreet. I also thought about just their initials entwined to look like a vine or tree branch. something like this: http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5287/5339240716_0db1ea9101_m.jpg
    but then again, when the time comes closer, I could completely change my mind and go with something different. I really like the quote Be Still.

  2. I may need to finally watch BTTF one of these days… not sure how I grew up in the 80’s and missed it, Lord knows we watched enough movies when I was a kid! AND my older sister was in love with Michael J. Fox. Seriously, how did I miss it?!?

    I’ve tossed around the idea of a tattoo for years now, but never made any concrete plans to get it done. I think it means I don’t REALLY want one. If I did, I’d have taken the leap already. Still, not closing the door on it. Maybe someday!

  3. A cool overcast day here, just saying, I did manage to go for a walk though although I thought it was going to rain while I was on the walk. I would love to be able to get a couple of more tattoos if only I could afford to do it

  4. Isn’t it funny how you’re having more of the alleged ‘Seattle’ weather than we actually are here *in* Seattle? πŸ˜‰ What’s funny is while people think it rains ALL the time in Seattle, other areas get more rain than we do. It’s those overcast days in the winter (with no snow, of course) that throw people off. This is my favorite time of year with it being crisp and cool-ish with abundant sunshine – I love fall in Washington! πŸ™‚

    I want that dinosaur eating gnomes! No, I NEED that in my flower bed – I know Princess Nagger would love it! πŸ™‚

    I love the tattoos you have, and love the idea you have of incorporating your kids’ names. And like you, I have plans to get some sort of tree tattoo – I have a fairy tattoo on my right shoulder blade (she looks like The Nag and is meditating) plus a dragonfly below my neckline on my back – had plans to add a tree (so the fairy would be sitting under the tree and the dragonfly would be landing on it) but the tattoo artist who had that great idea didn’t have time to do it that day, and time was a precious commodity since we were in the process of getting ready to move from PA to WA. And yes, the amazingly artistic artist is in PA, so I haven’t taken the time to try to find someone who can envision what’s in my head to get it done here in WA. πŸ˜‰

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