Random Tuesday – Just a weekend recap

Stacy Uncorked


  • I am of two camps this morning: the one that feels highly motivated after a three day weekend and the other that has a huge middle finger for the world. It is a truly interesting dichotomy.
  • I did a lot this weekend at the same time as doing very little. Again, odd to do both. I came home on Friday for our half-day date day and found Ash flopped on the couch, still in his work clothes. He was apparently dying. He had some kind of stomach thing so my Friday consisted of taking care of him, running to a few stores, napping, and then getting the kids. We did not make it to Red Robin or a movie. I did, however, find some clearance bathing suits I so desperately need for Hawaii. The last time I bought a bathing suit? Ten years ago… when we went to Hawaii. Sad!
  • Saturday was Elliot’s flag practice and we had Sonny’s and I napped. I believe I also did a few things around the house but I had a fantasy football draft at 4:30. I don’t even remember how that evening ended! Oh wait, the FSU game was in a lightning delay so I know I fell asleep watching that one later in the evening.
  • Since Ash had to recover form his stomach sickness, he didn’t run Saturday but we all ran Sunday. He and Ell, myself and Isaac. It feels good to be back to outside running, even though I hurt all the time and feel worn out. We also went to get Ash new bathing suits and to Costco and the afternoon was tacos and naps and gaming. Oh wait, I burned some chicken. Yeah, that wasn’t good. I was boiling it and I forgot it was in there and all the water boiled away. It was an awful smell and I spent all Sunday afternoon and Monday trying to rid my kitchen of it. I NEVER make those kinds of mistakes!
  • On Monday, we walked the fern trail sort of early. Baby did great: nearly two miles all by herself! She’s a very independent little girl so she barely wanted to hold anyone’s hand and she didn’t once fall when she tripped on roots. She did get a ride for the remaining quarter mile but still, she did awesome! I treated everyone to hibachi for lunch and we napped before I mowed all the yards and fertilized and watered. It was a work-intensive day!
  • Three day weekend done, I have SO SO SO much to do this week. I am working on some of it now but man, it is A LOT. Overwhelmed doesn’t even begin to explain it. That said, I’m out! Happy Tuesday!

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