Friday Five – Catching up

Five Thoughts:

  1. I have had a bit of trouble transitioning into Fall semester… in that I’m still not convinced it IS fall semester. I walked onto campus this morning and kept thinking it was all relaxed like summer, until I saw the mass amounts of people at 8 AM. That’s when my brain got with the program and said, “Oh yeah, FALL.”
  2. One of my main goals today is to clean off my desk. It’s quite the mess after this week; papers everywhere. No rhyme or reason. It’s a highly ineffective workspace.
  3. One of my other goals is to migrate some older fanfiction from one archive site to a different one. I was kind of nervous about it because, well, now I have friends reading on that other site but eh, it’s my work and regardless, I should be proud. But I also think the other site gets more readers – more hardcore fans too – so I might as well put it on display.
  4. My oldest son turns eight tomorrow and he’s already started in on the “No, I won’t do that because it’s my birthday.” He thinks he’s exempt from tasks because of this. I should never have taught him that song my roommate used to sing: “It’s my birthday/I can do what I want to…”. (To the tune of “…cry if I want to.”)
  5. He’s going to flip when he learns we got him a basketball hoop. It’s been so long that we’ve had it hidden in the shed I nearly forgot. It’s going to be fun to watch him get all excited!

Five Photos:


I’ve got to have these


I had a good chuckle at that


Jackie Chan is the awesomest


Martin Freeman judges you. (What did you do??)


Pugs rock!

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