Friday Five – Tickets, Dinos, and Students

Five Thoughts:

  1. The athlete faculty panel thing yesterday went great! It was myself (though I am technically not faculty), a fellow English colleague, a woman from the Career Center, and a professor from Communications. We basically went through some advice, some classroom pet peeves, and told them how teachers see students and student athletes. Honestly, I think they really learned something. And that’s what we’re here for!
  2. I got my ass up and worked out AGAIN today. I feel like this is a huge accomplishment. You know what actually makes it easier? One is that I’m naturally a morning person. I hit the ground running when I wake so that gets me on the machine. BUT, I feel like my body has yet to catch up to my brain so as I start moving on the elliptical, I am half-oblivious to it. Sometimes when I used to put off a run, I’d agonize over it and then every little ache in my body was like, end-of-the-world awful. But this has been much better. And I feel better throughout the day.
  3. We’re finally seeing Jurassic World today! I have high hopes but I had better temper them, just in case. Chances are I will like it regardless. I mean, I was the dinosaur kid so this is right up my alley. You remember the dinosaur kid: has the sheets, the books, all the names memorized. I had a pair of Converse with a dino skin print on them. Yeah, that kid.
  4. Ash and I haven’t seen a movie in the theater in a long time. The last Friday we would have gone, we were in Orlando. The time before that, nothing was really out so we went home and took a nap instead. So I’m actually pretty excited!
  5. The parking ticket I got on campus a couple weeks ago was dropped. See, they made us do this thing where we linked our pass to our license plate. Personally, I thought it had always been that way but apparently not. So parking services warned us about it, I went into the system and did it, then a month later, got a ticket for “incorrect parking”. I did some research and they said I didn’t actually link the two. Well, I called BS on that. I got it all fixed with them then appealed the citation. And yesterday, I found out they dropped it. So, yay! I don’t have to give them 30 bucks.

Five Photos:



At the interstate overpass




Lush products rule!


Look at this kid getting stuck in the tunnel. We have one of those!




My oldest and my youngest


And isn’t this a great pic??

One thought on “Friday Five – Tickets, Dinos, and Students

  1. Glad to hear the faculty panel thing went so well!! Yay! I used to be a morning person, but the older I get, the less and less I can call myself a morning person. Sigh. Exercise…what’s that? I heard Jurassic World wasn’t that good from one person, but two others loved it. Let us know what you think! Your kids are adorable!

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