MMMM + Super productive weekend

Y’all, I got so much done! I should say WE; I worked a lot in the house Saturday (nothing like the impending arrival of family to make you clean like crazy) but on Sunday, we really did stuff. We had this old brick and concrete built in barbecue out back that we’d vowed to knock down ages ago. It came with the house and was too old to use ten years ago. Well I went out Sunday morning to weed and my husband got motivated to buy a sledgehammer and take that thing out. Yay! We all worked hard moving bricks and cleaning up; it was exhausting. I also mowed and ran errands. I felt entirely worked, but in a good way.

Aside from that, typical weekend: Sonny’s, naps, movies, laundry. The busy summer session begins today which means a large number of grad students will be here to learn how to teach. This also means I will be teaching. Summer is rough because it’s 15 weeks worth of material jammed into six. Whereas I normally choose a Tuesday/Thursday schedule (1 hour 15 min classes) summer, is four days a week, hour and a half classes. It’s not easy, I tell you that. BUT, I have been a little lax these past few weeks; time to get back to it!




So Elliot heard this song somewhere – camp I’m assuming – and he won’t stop singing it or dancing to it. Meanwhile, it’s become the house earworm. Sigh. Typical hip hop song, if you ask me but I cannot stop singing it! Also, the video is pretty amusing with the older folks getting’ down with their bad selves.

8 thoughts on “MMMM + Super productive weekend

  1. That sounds like a really fun song for the kids or just for dancin’! Guess ya gotta watch the video a couple of times first though to know what those words mean. lol Thanks for joining us today! You’re definitely rockin’!!!

  2. Okay – I totally get the ear-worm thing. The song is kind of addicting! And I’m a 63-year-old grandma!! LOL My husband will tell you that company coming is the best motivator for getting projects and cleaning done!

  3. Sounds like y’all got a lot done last weekend. It’s been raining so much here lately that we can’t get outdoors to do anything and our yard really needs mowing. *sigh* I don’t get this song, but the vid looks like everyone is having fun doing the moves. So, I guess that’s all that matters, right? Happy 4th!

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