Random Tuesday – Misunderstanding, wasps, run in the heat

Stacy Uncorked
  • I keep forgetting I have to go to the doctor this afternoon; I hate when that happens and you keep having that moment of “oh yeah, I have to do that.” Why can’t I keep track of stuff anymore? Am I getting that old?
  • On Isaac’s Mother’s Day card thing where they asked him questions, he said I was 70. Then again, Elliot said I was taller than the Hulk, which is fairly amusing for an 8 year old. Like, really son? I get Isaac having no concept of age. Though Elliot’s friend thought Isaac was 3. He’s 5. So, you know…
  • A few weeks ago I opened my office window because it was too darn cold in here and was greeted by a gigantic wasp nest right up under the ledge. I immediately slammed the window shut and hadn’t opened it since. Yesterday, a guy finally came in and did away with it. So this morning, I have my window open and it is glorious… until it gets hotter anyway. This week we’re seeing mid 90s temps!
  • Speaking of that, I chose the worst day to go back to running. I was dying out there! I only did two miles but I felt pretty good overall. Aside from the fact that when I was getting ready, my sports bra broke. A plastic connector piece just snapped right off. It’s so hard to find reasonably priced sports bras for people with big boobs. Sigh.
  • OK, that’s all the random I have for you. I really need to do actual work. Well, after the Tuesday Chat prompt!

Since it is our host’s birthday on Wednesday, we have to surprise her! I chose a few fun pictures she might find interesting. πŸ˜‰




How cool are those?


Oh Spidey…



Outfit swaps are funny

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Misunderstanding, wasps, run in the heat

  1. I tend to be that way about doc visits, too – block it out until I *have* to remember. πŸ˜‰ Princess Nagger asked me once when she was younger if I was around when there were dinosaurs walking the earth. Ouch. πŸ™‚ UGH! They really need to come up with better sports bras (and pretty bras in general) for those of us who are extra generously endowed. I LOVE those nails, and that GIF and outfit swap are hysterical! πŸ™‚

    Dental Angst, Cool Mother’s Day – and a Birthday Coffee Chat with RTT Rebel

  2. I have a hair appointment tomorrow!!! Thank you for reminding me. ha

    I had to tear a bush out of my garden because it was attracting so many wasps. and they were really aggressive too. Normally I don’t mind the birds, bees and butterflies visiting my garden: but these were just too much and too mean!

    LOL!!! awesome. I love the Spidey one.
    Don’t anybody dare give Captain Rogers a shirt πŸ˜‰

  3. I think bra manufactures don’t think women with big boobs need sports bras that are comfy and give good support, just my thought, Leo and Blain often ask me how old I am and how old my mum & dad are and the other day Leo says to me your mum is 75 but she doesn’t have wrinkles like old people do and 75 is a big number so she much be old but she doesn’t look old because she has no wrinkles made my mums day when I told her

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