Random Tuesday – Rain, oils, the usual

Stacy Uncorked


  • I’m over the rain. I know sometimes it’s nice to curl up on the couch under a blanket and sip a cup of tea while the raindrops pound the roof. But for the most part, we’ve been having crazy windy storms and they always seem to happen on baseball days. I hate for Elliot to miss games; it’s depressing for him and me – I paid money for him to play! Luckily, his Monday game did go through, now let’s hope for Wednesday.
  • Because every so often I talk about Young Living oils here, I want to sing the praises of Ortho-ease. It’s an oil blend for sore muscles. My right arm (mouse arm/hand) has been hurting a lot lately from all the grading I’ve been doing and this is really helping!
  • The cheeseburger I had last week was SO good… and now I want another. But didn’t I learn my lesson? I felt so awful afterwards. But I am getting just a wee bit tired of grilled chicken and black beans and low fat wheat wraps. You can eat healthy all day but if your body wants a certain food, the cravings are hard to ignore. At least they are for me!
  • Here’s a random stop motion film someone made; it was really well done! I sometimes wish I had time to do fun stuff.

Let’s move on to the Tuesday Chat prompt:

“Finish the Sentence:  Right now is the perfect time to _________.” 

Catch up!

I have blogged, in the past, about how I work at a University so my work schedule really ebbs and flows with the timing of each semester. This is finals week so by next Monday, everyone is gone. There’s a week in between and then both Summer A and B sessions begin. However, a mere fraction of the normal amount of students are even here. My department offers very few classes (none at all in my specific area).  My building basically shuts down, it is very quiet and I am literally left to my own devices. So, here’s a brief list of what I want to accomplish in the seven or so weeks of downtime I will have:

  1. Read! I have some JR Ward novels that need finishing
  2. Work out. It’s my plan to do arm and ab exercises every day; maybe even a little yoga
  3. Work on my novel; I have a couple in progress and there’s really no excuse not to write
  4. Stay on top of my online classes. No excuse not to have things graded by mid-week, each week.
  5. Watch Game of Thrones season two and three; we just watched last season but I can barely remember what happened before!

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Rain, oils, the usual

  1. I wish I could remember how I feel after I eat crappy food, but I crave it so much & usually give in to the temptations!! My willpower sucks.

    I want to write again. I used to write (start) novels all the time (only finished one, right after college, and reading it now, it’s pretty cringe-worthy) – but I haven’t even “started” anything in a long, long time. Once this wedding season is over (so many weddings this summer!), and there’s more time, I’m making a vow to write again!!

  2. Yep – after I am done being still – I have some catching up to do also.

    That stop motion was pretty cool! my son and his friends tried to something like that with Lego – but they gave up after about 5 minutes! It takes a lot of patience and hard work.

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