Friday Five – Distracted today

Five Thoughts:

  1. My new washing machine comes today!!!1!!! I even had to throw a one in there due to excitement. In 2004, we bought a Siemens washer/dryer comb (Bosch,if you are unfamiliar) and they lasted this long but the washer no longer drains properly. And you know, I don’t really like front loaders. Even if you leave that door open all the time, mold grows on that rubber seal. Anyway, we got a mid-range Whirlpool and I could not be happier. Granted, I haven’t used it yet but I am really excited to NOT have puddles of water all over my garage.
  2. Also, I am excited because when I go home later, it will be nap time for the two younger kids who are out of daycare today. I may even lay in the sun! Every single year I am caught off guard by the Good Friday holiday. Par for the course when you have one kid in public school. He’s also mad that he doesn’t get to do egg hunts at school. LOL.
  3. It has been a very long week and I am definitely drowning in work. My stress has prompted me to design a meditation corner for myself. In the photos portion, I will show you some stuff I am thinking about.
  4. I’m still doing well with my healthier eating and getting under my calorie budget each day. In fact, most days I am actually less hungry anyway. But I would kill for some serious barbecue. I don’t know why I am craving it but man, some pulled pork sounds great right now.
  5. Back to the meditation corner. I really can’t spend a lot of money putting this together so my plan is to cobble together some items here and there. Below, I have photos of what I consider to be essentials.

Five Photos:

Purchase #1 – Meditation Pillow:Product #, PRODUCT DESCRIPTION, SKU #


Purchase #2 – Small table for Zen altar: (A table this size is what I am looking for)009


Purchase #3 – Singing bowl: (I think I found that I like the A “Third eye” pitch)therapy-500x500


Purchase #4 – Items for altar for devotion: (they can be items from nature, Buddha, etc)615x200-ehow-images-a08-a6-m9-set-up-small-buddhist-altar-800x800


Purchase #5 – Yoga/Zen Om wall decal:wall-decals


There you have it. I will buy a few items as I see them places and then clear out this one area where I currently keep the laundry basket. I think I can find a new spot and this will work. I am so excited!



2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Distracted today

  1. I need a new washing machine, the one I have isn’t spinning all the water of the clothes and at times I am pegging clothes on the line that are wringing wet and I end up socked through

  2. I hope you are able to make your meditation corner, sounds like a wonderful spot. We all need a place to unwind. Yeah for a new washing machine! Hope you love it. Thanks so much for linking up

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