MMMM + Easter Weekend recap

Well, THAT was a busy weekend. Since the younger kids were off Friday, I went home at lunch and tagged Ash into work. The youngers and I  had lunch then I put them down for nap. Since it was nice out, I actually did something for me! I sat out in the sun for roughly 20 minutes before feeling overwhelmingly tired. What a great nap! Around 3-3:30, my new washing machine arrived. Let me tell you: getting new appliances is one of the best things about being an adult. I was SO thrilled to have it and do laundry without creating huge puddles all over my garage. It’s not a pain in my ass to walk out there to the fridge anymore! I nearly wept with joy.

We had dinner and Ash went out but not for long, then we just hunkered down on the couch, as he was running his long on Saturday morning. After his 10 miles were logged, we went to the Woodgate egg hunt, as has become our tradition. Isaac was in a funk so he was unhappy about everything and Baby didn’t feel like looking for eggs but I still think we had fun. We got sandwich stuff for lunch then I took Ell to batting practice. We did various house things (I ran some errands: last minute Easter items) until we went to Sonny’s for dinner. We rarely go at dinnertime but it was actually really nice.

Oh! At some point in the afternoon, I walked out to put something in my car and I saw a familiar dog: I recognized her as the new neighbor’s pet. She seemed pretty lost and I remembered seeing both of them get into the truck and leave hours before. SO, I corralled her back into their yard – where the gate was indeed wide open – and then, later, when I saw they were home, went over to let them know. I was really waiting for a big moving truck to show before I introduced myself but I never saw one so that was as good of a first impression, I suppose. They seem really nice! He works for the legislature and she has some kind of PR job. Also, they brought little mason jars of candy for the boys on Sunday so I say they’re awesome already.

Sunday morning, we opened Easter baskets, had a big breakfast, then let the kids do the egg hunt we’d set up the night before. That was pretty fun but then it was time for church. Only myself and the boys went but it turned out really well: they behaved and didn’t even complain about putting on nice shirts. When we got home, we had a big steak lunch and napped. I feel like all we did was eat candy this weekend! It was the predominant theme for sure. That and cleaning. I was in that frame of mind where I felt like everyone was sitting around or playing while I ran around frantically cleaning. But it is what it is. Eventually, I recruited them all to do tasks and felt a lot better about it.

In the evening, the boys watched a movie in the back room and Ash and I started machine-gunning the last season of Game of Thrones to refresh ourselves before Sunday; squee!


The only video I feel like sharing this week is a song I’ve been singing a lot lately: one that makes me glad I live in Florida and makes me want to go to the beach.

4 thoughts on “MMMM + Easter Weekend recap

  1. New tune for me. It’s so wonderful to find out the new neighbors are nice. I was living next to neighbors that were alcoholics and all they did was fight, but then his wife past on and he moved to Arizona, and now we have a neighbor that’s hardly ever home because of his job. So I guess that’s a lot better. 🙂 That was so nice of you to help out their puppy… THANKS for joining us and have a great week!

  2. I like getting new things, Tim likes to set anything new we get up as soon as we get home and have a play around with it me I am not so fussed I will use it when I need to use it,

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