Friday Five – Crazy life continues

Five Thoughts:

  • Ash sprained his ankle and has been furiously rehabbing it, hoping to run on Saturday. Except we hit a snag yesterday morning when I realized we had no plan in place for the dogs. I.E. where the heck would they stay while we’re in the hotel? Sigh. I can’t board them because Zoey is remiss in her shots and personally, I’m not interested in getting all that done right now. SO, the plan now is that he’s not doing the race; he canceled the hotel room and I am going to take Elliot to my parents’ later (Dakota in tow) and then come back Sunday. He’s staying there for the duration of Spring Break. (We were originally just leaving Jax after the race and going there.)
  • Ash will stay home with Isaac, who can help him hobble around and also, help out with the dogs in my absence. I know this makes my husband sound like he isn’t capable but that isn’t true. This worry is all born out of my own guilt. I tend to think of myself as the main caregiver to all (the Earth Mother if you will) so I feel bad if I cut out and leave family members to their own devices. It should be fine with just one kid though.
  • Around midnight, Isaac came into our room saying his stomach hurt and I wracked my brain thinking what might ease it so as we walked into the kitchen, he started to wretch. I got the bowl under him just in time. I fixed him up a pallet in the bathroom and he slept in there, though no more puke. Fingers crossed it was one-time deal. He felt ok this morning.
  • This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! The Writer Automaton This is most definitely Steampunk inspiration.
  • This week went so quickly, mostly because worked picked up towards the end. Spring Break is about to be over and my life just keeps chugging along, no break, ever. BUT, I think while my mom works tomorrow until 3, my dad is going to take us to EPCOT. It’s the Flower and Garden festival and I have never, in all my years of going to Disney, been during this time. So, yay! (Since my mom can get us in for free, popping in for a few hours is totally reasonable!)

Five Photos:

A vintage EPCOT photo!abfc0d7bfb06a8ae149ec72680f33c11

Didn’t know that!9b6242029359f009b70b8475cd031eb2

Thank God it is over!61b0f7df2c39b373bb26d5a31a06e387

See? The beach misses me.aee86ae613d376fe1baea38c7d96822a

It would appear that Elliot took my phone and took a picture of these two while I was not in the car. I can’t remember where I would have been, other than running out to grab something before leaving the driveway. But anyway, I thought this was funny when I found it.20150307_103152_resized

2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Crazy life continues

  1. I feel bad when I leave my husband totally on his own too. Though the kids love it and they always have so much fun. I am going away this weekend actually and feeling a bit guilty.
    Hope his ankle heals quickly. Thanks so much for linking up

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