Random Tuesday – Note to self: do some yoga and shut up already

Stacy Uncorked
  • I have just SO much to do that I am procrastinating in any way possible. I play a twitch game on Facebook, read a blog, inventory the Christmas gifts I have and the ones I still want to buy, think about money, worry about money, then have a momentary breakdown. I need to get past that hump and get stuff done!
  • Last night, I actually found some peace and calm. Zoey had eaten something in the yard in the morning and so she had been throwing up. When I got home, she wasn’t much better; it was running its course and for a bit, I was worried she was going in the same fashion as Iggy had. But as we watched her, she seemed to be doing alright: just the typical post pukes shakes. I made mac and cheese and broccoli for the kids (Dakota didn’t eat again; she is just not hungry AND teething) and I was very patient during all this, considering every single thing was secretly stressing me out. We had to go up to the used sports equipment place for shin guards for Isaac and it went well, actually. Everyone behaved. Since it was dark already, I took them through this park with lots of lights and then we drove through a familiar neighborhood and pointed out all the trees in windows and the huge inflatable Santas. It was most excellent and no one argued and I wasn’t annoyed or upset.
  • I found myself annoyed again later at night but I went into my room, closed my eyes, and tried to focus on my breathing. I have taken a lot of yoga so I employed some mindfulness techniques. It actually DID work. I just have to be aware of my stress levels and work towards calming them.
  • My friend gave me a satsuma; I love satsuma season!
  • I also love tea season and warm fuzzy sock season and cozy blanket season. I had some chunky socks like the ones in the below photo when I was little. I want some now!
  • fcbccc81ee0af469b6b32d85a3352247
  • Alright, I have got to get down to business but I hope everyone is having a fantastic Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Note to self: do some yoga and shut up already

  1. Yeah, once you get some of those things crossed off the to-do list, you’ll definitely feel better. I was like that last week. A million things pinging around in my head, making lists, trying to schedule all the things that need to happen in. Then I got my Christmas shopping completely done on Saturday and it was like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! I should really start doing Yoga again, I need that during these busy weeks.

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