MMMM + Weather changed again

Last week, during soccer practice, I noticed that it was temperate; not too cool but not hot either. Somewhere comfortably in between. Friday night, as I was carousing with some co-workers at our department holiday party, I started to feel cold, even though I was wearing semi-warm clothes and I had been drinking. Even Saturday was warm; I wore shorts to the store. But it rained that night and now it is back to being cold. But it’s a wet-cold so it’s not conducive to any of us getting rid of this gross cough. And we all have it now. Every last member of my family. UGH.

BUT, we had a good weekend over all. I mean, FSU won so…1907858_885397104837820_6215044404390767932_n

For all the people who wanted to see us lose just because they hear one side of the story about Winston or the police or that lying sack of sorority… well, you get my point. So yay for us!

We got a lot of yardwork done this weekend, which was necessary. Absolutely. Darn this time of year! Leaves everywhere. But all in all, we had a nice relaxing weekend.



Continuing in the theme of Christmas music, here are a few of my all-time favorites:

8 thoughts on “MMMM + Weather changed again

    1. Nuts! That’s what I thought, my comment got blown up in cyberspace when I signed in. GRRR! Anywho, I really like Christmas Through Your Eyes. I have this song on a Gloria’s mixed album and was surprised to find it tossed in with the other cuts. It always seemed to strange to me that she recorded a Christmas song on a non-Christmas CD, but happy to have it nonetheless. Hate to hear y’all still have that cough. Two of my children have lingering coughs, but I think it’s seasonal allergies. They work so much that they don’t give their bodies enough time to recoup. Oh to have them little and at home again so mama can take care of them one more time. *sigh* Oh well…enjoy this beautiful, blessed Christmas season and thanks for dancing with us today!

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