Friday Five – Ending and seasonal

Five thoughts:

      1. The semester is winding down so a few things are happening concurrently: TAs and students alike are freaking out and having meltdowns AND grad students are giving me holiday cards and donuts. It’s an interesting dichotomy. LOL.
      2. The department holiday party is tonight so I shall get my fair share of socialization. I haven’t been out much lately; a lot of my friends have been overwhelmed by the holidays. I want to try and make plans but I can see they are all wrapped up in their affairs. Besides, Ash has a few nights planned so I will let him take his time and I will sit on my couch with a cup of tea and admire my Christmas tree. (I rhymed!)
      3. I made two had-to-be-made calls already this morning and I feel good about it. I love crossing stuff off my to-do list but you know, some days, I just can’t get motivated. So, thank God for motivation!
      4. I can’t lie: I have been stressed ever since Thanksgiving. It started with that awful drive in the rain. It’s thrown off everything. I just feel out of sorts and blah. I’m going to rake leaves and mow my lawn and go to Costco this weekend and in some way, I hope this breaks me out of the funk.
      5. Have you tried those Jamberry nails? I have had multiple friends invite me to their virtual parties but I am participating in my sister’s. I want to get them but at the same time, i always feel guilty buying myself stuff so close to Christmas. You know?

Five Photos:

The first four are from my Instagram and the last is something cozy and warm. ‘Tis the season!






2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Ending and seasonal

  1. Oh I want to sit by that fire and read a book! Looks heavenly. I hope you have fun at the party. My husband’s work party is next week, want to find a new outfit. Getting stuff crossed off lists is always a nice feeling. Thank you for linking up

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